Last Minute Gift Making

It’s been snowing since midnight Friday, beautiful but too windy yet to go out, perhaps when it finally stops.  So we baked cookies and  made a few treats for our four-legged friends.



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10 responses to “Last Minute Gift Making

  1. okay, very cute. Love your new banner too. I want snow!!!

  2. I’m so happy we got snow!! It’s been awhile since we’ve got a storm like this one! Unless we have a freak heat flash, it should be a white christmas around these parts. Have fun in the snow today!


  3. Such creative hands working hard! Love the handwritten cards…precious

  4. love the treats! and the handmade cards. sometimes it’s fun to be snowed in.

  5. How cute! I stayed in and baked all day, had no choice, we got 20 inches of snow! Gotta go dig out my boots for tomorrow!

  6. SO cute…love those cards! And I agree…great banner!

  7. What a great idea! How cute.


  8. blueskyhi

    I wouldn’t dare show these treats to our dog as I’m certain she’ll chew on the screen! I love the cards too.

    We’ve been seeing on the news the northern hemisphere’s cold snap and it’s ensuing chaos. I hope you and the girls enjoy your winter wonderland. If it keeps up I’ll have to send you a jar of Australian sunshine at it’s warmest.

    Have a super fantastic Merry Xmas! xxx

  9. I just love the tags! There are going to be some happy dogs and kitties this Christmas! 🙂

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