12 to 30 Inches

depending on where you stand in the yard



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14 responses to “12 to 30 Inches

  1. wow. are you all home now?

  2. girls are home and may not be back before the holiday, tuesday is their last day of school.

    i am at work, though had to catch a ride as there is still about 3ft of snow in my driveway…..

  3. three feet of snow in your driveway?!
    we are supposed to get some snow as well, but so far just raining cats and dogs. this weather here is nuts! i don’t remember rain in December… I will have to come here to see you for snow 🙂

  4. Fun isn’t it? We got a little less than a foot in NYC. Not as nice as where you are I’m sure, but we had fun. Merry Christmas.

  5. Oh my! I hope you’re staying safe and warm!! We had snow like that last year; just rain this year 😦

  6. We are loving it. The constant in and out of the kiddos kind of drives me insane, but I keep telling them, “Enjoy it while it’s here. It won’t stay forever.” And my three year old looks at me and says, “Yes it WILL stay forever!”


  7. Stay safe and warm. Glad you were able to get out your front door. Hope your drive is cleared pretty soon. (The getting around in snow is what I hate about it; love it if I can stay home.)

  8. I love the pictures! And wonder how many tons of snow that shovel has moved over the years.

    Have a very Merry Christmas ~ Conny

  9. blueskyhi

    Wow, that’s impressive. :0 Be careful you don’t loose your kids in the driveway.

  10. We only got a few inches and I am totally bummed. Wish I could help you shovel your drive..

  11. We had about 18″. I must say it was nice to get a big snowfall again. Even in spite of the removal and the driving, I’ve missed it.

  12. I love these photos. Merry Christmas!

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