And just like that it’s over.  Christmas.  My favorite of all favorite holidays.  The music, the carols, the gifts, the food, the family, the fun, the celebrations.  That is my cheesecake.  My apple almond cheesecake.  The first cheesecake I ever made, and it was yummy.  Very yummy.  Sinfully yummy.

As much as I revel in the preparations for Christmas, something strange happens to me in the days after.  I get fanatic, obsessive, crazy about organizing, cleaning, clearing out.  I want to put things away, clean off the counters, remove the piles of gifts, of cards, of stuff.  I did eight loads of laundry this weekend, all the new clothes, the sheets, the towels, it’s all done, put away.  I organized and categorized my magazines, I cleaned out my drawer of cards.  I made beds which was NOT happening last week.

I’m paving the way for next year.  Recently I started putting a theme to the coming years.  2010 is the year of living simply and living whole and healthy.  It’s time to clean out the stuff….for real.  It’s time to shed the extra pounds, it’s time to get real about myself and my home.  It’s time to cast aside dreams and time-wasters.   I know that is what New Year’s is about, but how many times do we really say to ourselves, do I really need all this?  How much could I really do without?  What do I really need.

I am getting ready to sign off and have another celebration.  My mother’s birthday is today and we are gathering at my sister’s.  In the spirit of starting simple and healthy, I am giving my mother a simple, healthy gift.  Something that didn’t cost a fortune, didn’t take me forever to make or search for and was made with my own hands.  Ingredients I had on hand, a recycled jar, some raffia from upstairs.  Something she will like, at least I hope so…..



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9 responses to “Celebrations

  1. LOVE it!

    Great idea to give granola. I feel the same way after the holidays. I don’t like making resolutions per se, but the new year is a great opportunity to do all the things that you said. To DO the things that I say I will do and want to do.

    Good for you, good luck!


  2. Cute gift…I love the label.

    I am like you…once Christmas is over, like literally the day after, I am so done with the stockings and the runners and the nativity and the wrap and the STUFF EVERYWHERE! I just had a small spurt of clearing out a bit ago…but I have much left to do. It’ll be nice to have the house back in order…and ready for 2010. Hmmm..I wonder what’s in store?! Kind of exciting isn’t it? A fresh start…I really feel like I need it.

    Enjoy the birthday celebration…xoxoxo

  3. Mom

    Your mother (me) loves the granola and Emily’s book, I will keep forever – some day going through my things you will find it. (The granola, however, will be long gone)

  4. oh, your mom is so fun! my mom reads my blog but never comments (or maybe I told her she is not allowed). anywho. this is going to be a GREAT year. I can just feel it for some reason.

  5. That cake looks amazing! Good luck in your organizing and simplizing (not a word?? hm..) in teh new year!

  6. Oh, I too go through that post holiday clearing out frenzy. And I laugh at your thought at wondering what we really need. I often get caught up in the thoughts between need vs. want. Scrumptious looking cheesecake though. That would definitely fall into my need category!


  7. Here’s to a brand-new 2010, with all sorts of great beginnings!

  8. I’m feeling a strong need to restore order on the homefront. And I will. In small steps. I’d love to do it all at once but know that I would feel overwhelmed and then I’d stop.

    Love the granola label and your mom’s comment.

  9. syd

    Oh I adore you so. What a great gift idea. Our holiday was so hectic that I’m just glad it’s over… with a resolution that next year will be different. 🙂

    Happy holidays (including birthdays) to you and yours xoxo

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