New Year’s Day

It was early.  Much too early to be up on New Year’s Day.  But with dogs, some things cannot wait.  We walked the path as always. It was quiet.  Very quiet.  Only the geese flying overhead in the background.  It was cold but not bitter cold like it had been.  Still the droplets hung there on the trees.  Hanging and shining in the coming sunlight.  You stand there for a moment and breathe it in.  The stillness, the beauty, everything seemingly suspended in time, allowing you to take a big breath and sigh, to drop your shoulders, to take in a quiet moment.  It’s here. Another day.  Another year.  Another moment not to be forgotten in the chaos of it all.



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7 responses to “New Year’s Day

  1. The still moments in nature are definitely ones to be treasured. Happy New Year, my friend.

  2. YES, our dog is on the early wake up schedule. darn her. but good on your for heading out. i put ours out and made the coffee.

  3. Gorgeous photo…I feel like I was there with you. But if I had been…it wouldn’t have been so quiet! I can be a bit chatty at times…ahem.


    The New Year is here! I’m ready!!

  4. Happy New Year my friend. I think wonderful things will happen in 2010.

  5. What a great way to start the new year, it sounds wonderful and fresh and new.
    wishing you many blessings this year and looking forward to visiting here .. under the big blue sky!

  6. Oh my I haven’t visited and a while and I sure did miss out on a lot of beautiful stuff. The photos are beautiful. It was kind of nice to have all that snow before the holidays, and a little bit of slush on new year’s eve morning. It’s been nice to catch up with you, fellow MD blogger.

    Once Upon A Parent…

  7. 6512 and growing

    These are the best moments. What a way to start a new year.

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