When You Are Seven…

You have a lot of hopes and dreams.

And though you are growing up so quickly.

You will always remain my baby.

Happy Birthday!



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12 responses to “When You Are Seven…

  1. I love that she has hopes and dreams – what are they? Oh, to be young again. p.s. – I’m still loving the snow on your blog.

  2. Wow. Seven years old.

    Happy birthday!


  3. adorable…I’m partial to freckles…:)

    Have FUN today!

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful Boo! I wish I was seven again 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday, Boo! Lovely pictures of a very cute girl.

  7. A very very happy birthday, Boo!!

  8. Happy birthday to you, Boo.

    I love your angel kisses…


  9. Very, very nicely done. Happy Birthday, Boo!

  10. happy birthday from to one beauty of a girl from all of us in montana! i bet your mama made a great cake and your day was wonderful!

  11. Happy birthday…to the two of you!


  12. happy birthday! seven has to be one of my favorite ages.

    she is so beautiful. i always wanted a red headed, freckled, blue eyed girl of my own : )

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