10 Things I Love About My Life

1.  That when I take a picture inside I see a farm out my window.

2. That the people I work with make me laugh, HARD, everyday.

3. That everyday I get to see my grandparents.

4.  That my Mom and I cannot stop talking on the phone.

5.  That being divorced means I never have to watch football again.

6. That even when I yell at my daughters they still love and  hug me.

7. That  no matter what I never have to give up the company of a good book.

8. That I have flannel sheets on my bed.

9. That my Christmas tree is still blinking at me, at least one more night.

10. That I have so many reminders each day that life is good.



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12 responses to “10 Things I Love About My Life

  1. Great list my friend…and laughing hard, every day, is very important. VERY important…

    …giggling at the football comment…

    …and talking to mom’s on the phone? I can NEVER just call my mom “real quick”. It’s always at least…20 minutes…minimum!

  2. such a really good list. I may have to copy this idea. I like the one about always having the company of a book and the farm one too.

  3. Great list! I love that you laugh HARD with co-workers. That’s great considering you spend so much time with them. Makes for a good day.

  4. An excellent list! I especially like the ones about a book, flannel sheets, and the farm. And smiled when I read about the football one.

  5. If this were Facebook I’d “like like like” 😉 That’s a great list!

  6. What a great list! Thanks for sharing it.


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  8. Oh this made me smile….hard! What a wonderful list! 2010 has been born with hope in her heart. And an amen sister on the lack of watching football…hoo!

  9. This is a great list and made me smile. I’m glad you blog and share this with us!

  10. What a great list!! Really inspiring. Particularly spooky is that when I opened your page I see my own handwriting. Hehe, I’m the designer of the font on your header, the one you used to write Winter 2010 – you must have edited the header at picnik.com as they use it and I also sell it in a font pack in my shop here http://www.artmama.co.nz/ezypal/index.php?do=catalog&c=fonts&i=julesart_8_font_pack (Please don’t think this is a sales spam, I am just always so thrilled when I come across it and now feel the need to prove it really is mine!) At picnik it is known as jules-te-reo but has also been known as juleswriting before I adapted it to be used with long maori vowels, and I always laugh about how at school I was always told off in front of the class for bad handwriting and now worldwide people download and use my font. (I am in little New Zealand). Anyway, enough of me… back to you, lovely list, my favourite one was, hmm, I actually think they’re all wonderful! Thanks so much!

  11. deb

    Ooooh I *love* your list and especially #5. Amen to that!! 🙂

  12. #5 made me laugh and #7 made me smile.

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