Celebrating Seven

Roses, red, her favorite color.  Extravagant?  No, bought at the grocery and was the extent of my decorating, minus a few blowers.  I just like the idea of giving my girls flowers on their birthday and I’ve spent more on birthdays believe me. Remembering this is the year of simplicity, the party was simple.  A big bowl of vegetarian chili and cornbread, and the close family.  Games of hangman on the easel, and boy those blowers made a lot of noise, at least when my parents and sister got into it.  Good food, good family, good times.

She doesn’t like cake.  (I know, I hear your gasps).  So I made these brownies, piled them up, dusted them with a little powdered sugar and stuck in the mandatory, glittery “7” candle.  Just so you know, they are super rich.

I hope her wishes come true.  She took me aside as the family came filing in, and said, “Mama, thanks for doing this party for me, with everything”.  I cannot believe that I ever felt the need to complicate things in the past.  That a simple evening would be enough.  She felt the warmth and the love around her, that she was an important part of our family, someone to be celebrated.  She is still looking forward to having her cousins come spend the night one night, I am just hoping to get the Christmas tree down first.

p.s.  Mama got her a new bicycle…..too bad there’s still snow on the ground.



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12 responses to “Celebrating Seven

  1. Happy 7th birthday to your sweet little lady, and happy giving birth day to you! I hope her year is filled with so much goodness!
    Sending love,

  2. awww….what a great celebration. We celebrated six the other day. How do those birthdays keep ticking by so fast. What a sweet girl to tahnks you for that.
    just stumbled on your blog and will return again soon!

  3. Happy Birthday! 🙂 The simple pleasures are the best. So glad it was special for her.

  4. so sweet…happy birthday sweet seven year old!

  5. My oldest doesn’t like cake either. She insist’s the birthday pie instead. But I do make a mean pie! The candles don’t work too well with it though.


  6. blueskyhi

    Happy Birthday Boo :). Treasured childhood memories are nearly always the simple pleasures in life that as adults we forget.

  7. When I was in a play group years ago, it was “top that birthday party” every year. It got really ridiculous. And, dare I say expensive!

    I love your celebration. She was surrounded by those that love her to pieces. Brownies. Flowers. And, noise makers. Sounds good to me.

  8. Happy 7 to your lovely little lady. Simple really is better to us too, wonderful that your daughter appreciates that.

  9. A very happy birthday to your precious Boo! Looks like a perfect celebration to me!

  10. Happy B’Day! Though made me a tad melancholy. Our youngest (of 2 boys) just headed back to complete his “frosh” year at college and the oldest returned to his job (he is an adult now, in the real world)…..so, your pics made me think of how fast it all goes by. ENJOY! It does go fast.

    Have recently discovered this site. A fun read and I can identify with much of it. Having recently returned to operate our family ranch and the reawakening of how truly fresh food can change your life, I am right there with your thinking.

    Keep up the good work…I am adding you to my list of blogs to follow!

  11. It was just perfect. She’s a lucky little girl to have so much love around her. She’s not the only one that doesn’t request a cake…I always have coconut macaroonpie.

  12. It’s always inspiring to hear others’ stories about how they’ve simplified things in their life and how rewarding it is to realize that complex lifestyles are unnecessary and that things like birthdays can be made simpler and, in being simpler, better. Thanks for sharing this story!

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