Bought Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”.  Bought the Christmas issue of Jamie Oliver’s magazine.  Watched River Cottage. Bumped into my Mom four times in the grocery, ate her magnificent dinner.  Wanted her salad dressing recipe, there is no recipe, this and that.    Bought four pomegranates and froze the seeds of two.  Went to the farm but no one was home.  Cleaned my refrigerator, organized my cupboards.  Mopped my floor after a container of extra-dark cocoa fell and exploded all over the floor.  Emptied the compost, then decided to take a walk.  Inhaled fresh air for once.

Remembered that I gave up gardening last summer.  Dreamed again of planting lettuces, of carrots and beans….dreamed of rows of veggies and herbs, dreamed of a bearded, shaggy haired man reaching across the rows with dirty hands, dreamed of warm sunshine and green shoots.  Went inside and started a stew, from scratch.  No recipe.  This and that.

Made twisty rolls with Boo, watched the bread rise, apparently not enough.  Fun twists looked a bit like dog poo piles and tasted like pretzels, with poppy seeds….or poopy seeds.  Made last minute brownies with Ems.  Dark chocolate brownies, with a small glass of milk.  Dished up stew and rolls and brownies to take next door.

I love food.  There is no denying it.

Life is too short to not have good food, a good wine.

The kitchen is clean, closed for the evening.

A good weekend.


–Michael Pollan, Food Rules



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11 responses to “Weekend=Food

  1. blueskyhi

    I love “River Cottage” and I’ve even been tempted to move to the UK and become Hugh’s neighbour. Oh well, I can dream.

  2. That Michael Pollan’s a pretty smart guy. Here’s to your dreams, of herbs and vegi’s and shaggy-haired men!

  3. good post my friend…and sounds like a good day…with good food…even if it was oddly shaped!

  4. please tell me the brownies were not made with the cocoa that was swept up off the floor.

    sorry, but your twist do look like dog poop. I have a dog, I should know : )

    forget what I said. You know I am just kidding. I love this post. I have made SO many things that get thrown to the chickens and sometimes they don’t even eat it.

    but, that stew looks incredible.

  5. Wow. I stepped away for a time and came back, once again awed by your photos. You have a talent, my friend. You have a gift.


  6. Mmmm… that stew looks yummy! 🙂

    And I love the quote by Michael Pollan. When The Bug wants something at the store that I don’t really want to buy, I make her read the ingredients and ask her after each stumbled-through word if she knows what that is. I think it irritates her a bit but she gets the point. lol

  7. Yes!! I agree with that quote. Too funny about your rolls. All of it sounds delicious to me!


  8. Mon

    lol, love it.

    Good food + good wine + good company… my favourite things about living in Europe.

    Missing the cooking shows, although I hve spotted Jamie on telly here a few times.

  9. Love the post. This & that. That is how my mom cooks too. Me, not so much. Usually have a recipe to start with but I’m not afraid to vary it a bit.

    Michael Pollan is so right.

  10. This sounds like a wonderful weekend… poopy seeds and all 🙂

  11. Haha the rolls are cute. And as long as they were edible it’s a success in my book. 🙂

    FANTASTIC rule!

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

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