I FOUND MY HUTCH!  That’s right, the last of the Christmas decorations went to the basement this past weekend and things are clean (okay, by now relatively clean).  So a couple of people asked me about my collage in the photo.  Magazine clippings.

I will admit (and not apologize for) a magazine addiction.  There are two magazines that escape the scissors.  Bon Appetit & the now defunct (sob) Gourmet and British Country Living.  One: there are too may great recipes and articles in the former and Two: British Country Living has TOO many amazing photographs (i know at least Beegirl hears me on this one).

Most get chopped, and sorted into binders (or in piles waiting for binders): Cooking….Baking…..Home….Crafts….Garden….Entertaining/Gifts

The pictures here were clipped from two issues of Artful Blogging as inspiration.  When I moved into the new house, I thought about economical ways to bring pictures into the house and this was one I came up with.  I bought two frames, laid out the clippings and lovingly taped them onto the piece of paper that comes in the frame when you buy it.  Now here is a funny trick.  On the back side of each of these (on the other side) are two more collages, both for fall, that I switch out.

In all honesty I thought it was a really clever idea and I have more frames (and more clippings!) sitting upstairs to do.  Once we are finished painting the upstairs I hope to actually get some frames on the walls.  I am eyeing those gorgeous drawings  from the back of Cooks Illustrated to frame for the kitchen.  In the meantime, there still sits about a dozen back issues of MSL in the closet, and sorry Martha, you are being dropped this year.  Yes, believe it or not British Country Living has stolen your place in my heart.



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12 responses to “Clippings

  1. What a creative, unique way to decorate your house–and different ones for different times of year! Wow! Awesome 🙂

  2. I love how they all work and it turned something as simple as magazine clippings into something beautiful to showcase. Great idea!!

  3. ah, thank you. Love this idea. I have not heard of British Country Living.

  4. What a terrific idea. I didn’t know there was a BCL either. I love those little birds in the first photo. I have a thing for birds.

  5. Martha left my stash years ago…she’s too snooty.

    I love the little birds in the photo…they are so sweet. And I love the collages…I used to do the same thing…mostly on photo album covers to personalize them. So fun…

    I have a magazine thing, too…well, I DID. When finances got so tight that was one of the first things to go. I kept my Mother Earth sub…and was gifted Sunset and Good Food Everyday. But any magazine reading I do now? At the library. Or Borders. With a cup of coffee. As a date to myself.

    Too bad we didn’t live closer…we could share mags!

    Oh…and for an inexpensive piece of art…handprints of you and your girls. I did this years ago…Ian was only 3 months old. They were really sweet…and inexpensive! Grapevine wreaths take up a good amount of wall space, too.

    • yes, i’m tired of reading what Martha is doing or seeing photos of her outrageous estates. too bad i don’t have a full staff to help me.

      i did like a lot of the recipes and craft ideas, but i can find most of them on the website, so bye bye!

      you are funny, i have a grapevine wreath on the inside of my front door!!

  6. I am right there with you. British Country Living is a monthly friend of mine. I should just buy a subscription.

  7. I suppose I am lucky (or unlucky, depending how you see it) that there aren’t any italian magazines that I like. These days I only ever read things online!

  8. I’m bummed about the demise of Gourmet, too…I’ll have to check out British Country Living!

    I love the clipping idea!! Tres cool!! 🙂

  9. Okay, British Country Living it is. You’ve all sold me. I always have liked the Brits home decor magazines. And not that I need another magazine at my door, but my favorite was Cottage Living. I can’t bear to cut those up, except for the ones that I bought two of.

    Maybe that’s a good soul-cleansing chore for the new year- cut up my Cottage Livings and get on with life.

  10. deb

    I so agree with Michelle… Martha’s too snooty. She doesn’t listen very well either. Just watch her show. Drives me nuts.

    What I do *love* though are your collages! What a brilliant and beautiful idea. I need to go through my magazine stacks and this would certainly be cause for a little motivation!

    And…those 2 little birdies in the photo are adorable!

  11. Told you I was working my way through your back posts! Just had to say I LOVE this idea! I have a pile of magazines here that I am planning to cut up soon for a treasure map/vision board type thing. I might have to use this idea too! I get Country Living in the post every month, and I am sorry to admit to you that that’s one of the mags I will be destroying!

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