Wordless Wednesday: Library



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12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Library

  1. You’d never know I just finished lunch by the way my tummy is talking while looking at those yummy titles!! I’ve been intrigued with the Artisan Bread book…I’ll have to investigate more, me thinks!

    Do you have any favorites from it?

  2. Yum, yum and yum. Bake Until Bubbly?! Now that’s just not nice…it eludes to cheesiness and sauciness…

    And Harvest Eating? Sounds interesting…I’m off to the library Hold page!

  3. Artisan Bread… love, love, love this book. Made some last weekend and have a batch of dough in the refer as we speak!! ENJOY!

  4. My first thought was yum, yum and yum – I see that Michelle had the same thought!

    Those books look great! You will have to give a little review of them. Thumbs up or thumbs down type-a thing.

    Have fun looking through them!


  5. and, next I would like a book report on each!

  6. full report will come, i have to say Harvest Eating Cookbook already a double thumbs up, cannot wait to dive into the other two this weekend, will let you know!!!

  7. a funny……i wasn’t going to get any books, just drop off some magazines (haha) to the exchange they have and ended up of course in the cookbook section, as i was checking out i said, i wasn’t supposed to get any books and the librarian said, “well, cookbooks, they really don’t count do they” my kind of girl.

  8. i’ve made almost all of our bread since getting the artisan breads book. i love that book.

    and the other two sound great. hoping the library has them!

  9. mirandaplusemma

    “Bake Until Bubbly” must be acquired by me! What a name!

  10. Your three favorites? Bake Until Bubbly does intrigue my mind.

  11. deb

    Oooh, does this mean that next weeks’s Wordless Wednesday will be photos of the results?! 😉

    I’ve tried a couple of the Aritisian Bread recipes and they are fantastic!

    Enjoy every book!

  12. Artisan Bread in just 5 minutes a day?…..oh that sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing….I hope our library has that one!
    sending love,

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