This was my 365 shot from yesterday.  And Farmgirl Fare, this shot is for you!  My version of cute donkey, though not as good as yours as mine is of donkeys across the road not donkeys on the homestead.   I just thought when I put it up that it needed more explanation than I could give on 365.

These are my neighbors.  Their barn sits right at the bottom of my driveway.  It is home to three Clydesdales and what was two little donkeys, but now they have a new, slightly larger donkey that has joined their midst this year.  I am not sure if new donkey likes it, as there has been much, much, much braying and for a while the two little guys didn’t seem to pleased.  I think big donkey was a bit like the “Grumpy Bug” running to the two little donkeys shouting “PLAY WITH ME” which the little donkeys didn’t care for too much.  But all seems well now and the barn seems to be in balance.

I love these guys.  I like to talk to them when I go to get the mail, ask them how things are going in the barn.  A lot of times they are down in the field and in the warmer months (please!) I liked to sit on the front porch and watch them head out or come in.  The donkeys love the Clydesdales and it always makes me smile to see them trotting out after them trying to keep up. I’ve  shown you the fields before.

So yes, I am very lucky to have neighbors and a view like this.  The human neighbors, well, the female version anyway, takes in what I said on 365 was discarded farm animals, but I guess that’s not really true.  She does take in animals that are losing their homes.  Anyone of us can attest to how times are tight right now so I think that some just cannot be taken care of anymore.  In truth, my Grandparents (next door) get a more wide range view of the menagerie.  So far we’ve tallied ducks, geese, guineas, turkeys, goats, donkeys, a buffalo, miniature horses, regular horses and the Clydesdales.

One morning waiting for the school bus a goose came over and did a fly-by on the girls.  My grandmother, waiting with them, was quite sure it was going to land on their heads, it provided much excitement.  Then there was the time the Clydesdale broke loose and tore through the yard.

So that’s the neighborhood.  Would I love to get over there and actually shoot close up, you betcha.  Have been considering it for awhile,  but not sure.  As kindhearted as female neighbor is, male neighbor is a bit of a hothead.  Though the girls and I have been over once or twice, there have been a couple of incidents that have kept us on this side of the road. A bloodied victim of a fight showed up on my grandparents doorstep late one night and a resulting barn fire which they seem to be calling vengeance as well as other stories of run ins have kept us at a bit of a distance which is a shame.   Really a shame as the previous owners of the farm were lifelong friends of my grandparents and all of us have felt that in some way we grew up there.  In the end, I’m just glad it’s still a farm, because so many of the others here have been eaten alive by developers.  So for that I am very happy.



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6 responses to “Neighbors

  1. Great post! I wish we had such a view and farm animal neighbors.

  2. What an absolutely amazing view…gorgeous…

  3. that view…
    be still my heart.

    and, how do I get rid of “related posts” of wordpress? i don’t like that feature.

  4. BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!

    Hang on to these pics and memories, as you said, they are disappearing way too fast.

    In Texas, we are losing 250,000 acres a year to development…that’s progress, I guess.

  5. Your view is gorgeous and your neighbors are pretty cute too. 🙂

  6. Too cute! I love them. Thanks for the photo. 😉

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