Snapshot of Reality.

it’s 7:58 p.m.   the dishes are still piled up in the sink.  there is flour all over the counter and the stove.  i hate making gravy from scratch. there is half an acorn squash and the rest of dinner to put away.  i’m behind on some reading i’m supposed to be doing.   the girls need their hair brushed, and their nails clipped and books before bed.  the dog keeps staring at me to go out.  this annoys me.  the cat threw up on the bed while i was at work.  this annoys me.  i have to find someplace out in all that snow to throw the rabbit litter.  the compost will have to wait until tomorrow.  it’s the 5:00 a.m. morning tomorrow and the girls have no school….again.  snow is supposed to start falling tomorrow afternoon, again, after we just shoveled and plowed over two feet.  my back kind of aches.   a lot.  i want to go to bed…now.  but that stuff up there, well, that has to be dealt with.  and perhaps my children should go to bed.  and the dog, yep, should go out. i need a maid.  or a nanny. or a husband.  or something.

see why i haven’t been posting.  it’s kind of not sunshine and rose petals and goodness here this week… just to keep it real.



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20 responses to “Snapshot of Reality.

  1. Yup…remember those days! Raised two boys…one is a 23 yr old man, on his own with a great job and making his place in this world…the youngest is a Frosh in college, independent and learning about life…

    I had days like yours…a bunch, in fact. just when I was ready to “come unglued”, one (or both) of the boys would smile, or look at me, or just do something, anything, at the right moment…and I drew a deep breath and knew “this too, shall pass”.

    They are gone now…jeez, I miss those days.

    It all goes by so fast…I know it is hard at this moment, but they grow up…really fast…

    You are honorable and good, and true AND you will raise them to be the same.

    The dog loves you unconditionally. The cat, well a cat is a cat, but your girls… know…just hug ’em every chance you can.

    Hang in there! There will be a day(s) (and it is coming faster than you think) you will look back and actually wish you had this time back.


  2. *HUGS* Mine looks like that although a little higher above the sink/counter line. ~sigh~ I just wish there was a pause button at times to just catch up. Good luck with the snow. I know you guys have gotten it a little worse than we have, but at 20 something inches I’m still REALLY dreading another 1 or 2 or whatever snow storms that are supposed to be coming in this week. Come on Spring!

    • Kelli – I’ve been looking for the “reset” button to the house. It’s something I joke about from time to time. OR sometimes I ask “when are the dish-fairies coming??” No answer.

  3. Hey, that looks a lot like my kitchen (maybe even a little tidier)!

  4. Thanks for keeping it real, my friend! 🙂

    Wish I could just pop over and help out somehow – I’m going to be thinking of you the next few days.

    What is it with kid nails? You clip ’em, turn around, and they need to be clipped again. One of those parenting quirks, I think…


  5. I’m sorry sweet friend that it ALL falls on you…

    And I’m sorry that the cat threw up on the bed! What is UP with that? My cat pees on anything clothing item left on the floor in the bathroom. Needless to say, MY clothes never get peed on. Ahem.

    Anyway…love to you friend. If we were neighbors I would come and do your dishes for you so you could lay down with the girls and read in peace. Is the thought counting at this point?


  6. Being real…is what its all about…I was saying the other day that I needed a wife..she would know what to do. PS my kitchen looks worse and I am leaving it for morning… it and the rest of the mess. I always say its not always rainbows and butterflies…so I totally understand when its not sunshine rose petals and goodness and its okay.

  7. thank you all my sweet friends, you know how to make a tired girl smile 😉

    and i left the dishes, packed it in went to bed and did them this morning.

  8. Denise

    there is nothing i can say that has not been all ready said…. i’m glad you went to bed. you needed the rest the most. today is a new day. yesterday is in the past. one day at a time.

  9. Mon

    Hey, that’s my kicthen! lol

    Oh I miss Ecover.

    That’s life with food and kids and pets and snow. It all balances out, right?

  10. Everyone has said it already, so this is just an electronic hug and a “been there, done that, still doing it…”

  11. I’m sending a hug too… Sometimes reality is just a little too real isn’t it 😉

  12. Ditto what others said. Glad you packed it in and called it a day. If you’re anything like me, things always look better in the morning.

    Thanks for keeping it real. My kitchen counter was cluttered last night too.

  13. Nothing pushes me over the edge more than cat puke on the bed. If it makes you feel any better my house is in the same state… oh.. and I think my nails could use a clipping now that you mention it…
    : ))

  14. i completely relate. hence my 2 week absence on my blog. life is messy.

    hang in there : )

  15. Keeping it real is good. Thanks for that. That’s just life. Some days are just better than others, & some are not much fun at all. Cat puke on the bed generally falls into the latter category, lol. Wishing you better days, and time to catch up on your reading. That always seems to help.

  16. There’s only so much you can do in one day – so glad you decided to let the dishes wait until morning. Try not to be so hard on yourself. :>) I love that many of the commenters, myself included, have kitchen counters that are in a similar state.

    When you mentioned the half acorn squash, I looked for it on the counter – kind of like a Where’s Arnold picture hunt – but didn’t find it.

    Good luck with the snowed-in status. Do you have snowshoes?

  17. Hugs to you. As someone else already mentioned above, I would come and help if I could.

    Hope things are a little better now.


  18. oh yes, my kitchen most days as well. husband complains…he helps too, but he complains. Ah well….
    i was reading in Simplicity Parenting about “harmony addiction” Man, i can see that happening….especially when one blogs it is tempting to put all the good stuff on there just to remind you, but I truly believe the “not-beautiful” serves a purpose too and must be embraced to move though it, rather than avoid it. Not that I always know how…..

  19. deb

    Hey, how’d you get that picture of my countertop?!

    I know I’m late to “dish” on this topic but can I just say thanks! These kind of days are very real to most of us and hearing you talk about it – is comforting – to know we are not alone in that feeling of overwhelming days.

    Wishing you a sinkful of clean dishes! 🙂

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