Snow Day

no work today, girls have been off school all week.  the media labeled this past weekends storm “snowmageddon” (gotta love the media), so i cannot imagine what this would be, it’s a much worse storm, wet, wet, heavy snow.  in fact the electric has blinked twice, so i’m guessing it’s going to be gone soon.  in the meantime, we are home and i get a bonus day off, how about that.  things are a little bit rosier here today.  we have each other and warm tea and honey and books, books, books and an extra day to do nothing.  heck, we may never even get out of our pj’s.  happy wednesday, couldn’t stand to make this one wordless.



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7 responses to “Snow Day

  1. …”you have each other”…how blessed you are…

  2. Enjoy your bonus day off! And YES…stay in those jammies! That’s what I would do…as a matter of fact, Ian stayed home sick yesterday and that’s exactly what we did!


  3. Denise

    finding the good! enjoy your day.

  4. Have a wonderful day and yes stay in your PJ it’s a great way to spend the day 😉

  5. I bet you girls had a delightful day. I’d love a forced day to stay inside and in my jammies :0)

    Stay warm and safe.

  6. Love the snowman! I hope you all weathered the storm OK.

  7. We got a Snow Day from work yesterday too.. That means a full day on Friday, but it is sooo worth it. We got another 8 or so inches on top of the 21. More digging…

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