thinking some meditation time is in order.  i don’t know where the dark moods have come from lately, but it’s time to shake them away.  too many thoughts racing through my head like a freight train gone wild.  sometimes it feels out of control all these thoughts, when life really should be so simple.  my bedside table above.  a reminder of simplicity.



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7 responses to “Blankness.

  1. wishing you calm and peace. hoping you got another snow day.

  2. Denise

    this most simple form of meditation is paying attention to your breath. It really can be so calming. May I suggest you start there? Oh, you know I love rocks.

  3. Love the photo and the objects. Sending love & light your way.

  4. You’ve echoed my thoughts exactly. I’d had the same kind of week, until this morning. Not sure what changed – the day just felt better. Listening to music was a temporary fix (for 10 minutes at a time anyway). If I could transfer some Riley Lee (good meditation music, btw) from my iPod to yours, I would.

    Simple. Quiet. Well wishes from friends.

  5. Mon

    Awareness is the first step right?

    Wishing you calm and clarity.

  6. It’s February– the darkest month– so perhaps it’s harder this month to feel the lightness of being and the pure joy of just being. My thoughts are with you and I’m wishing all will be peaceful and beautiful and fresh and light very soon. Very soon.

    And if not– go get your thyroid tested! Dark, wild racing thoughts sure don’t seem like your normal slow, peace train.

  7. Nature is so beautiful.

    Wishing you a weekend of calm…


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