Fresh Hope

we are on day three post-blizzard with no way out.  in fact we have seen nary a soul from up or down the road since tuesday afternoon. a bit of cabin fever seems to be setting in here now and  my front door constantly looks like this.  it’s a bit too windy to stay out for too long so  i am taking advantage of this little vacation to do some organizing of my photos from last year.  and that is exactly what i needed right now because i found beauties like this……

planting seeds last spring….i checked the dates ems wrote on the herb seed trays…march 13th.  that’s only a month away.

fresh food from the backyard and the farmstand….

picking beans on the front porch.  anything better than fresh picked beans?

bare feet and summer sundresses.

i can just feel it.



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10 responses to “Fresh Hope

  1. Hang in there. It’s coming. Those pictures are a beautiful reminder of what the summer will bring.


  2. Love the little seedlings…great photo. Sorry you guys are holed up…I pray a little sunshine come your way.


  3. Denise

    it is pouring outside right now. And, even worse, rain is predicted for all weekend. I could use a little summer reminders too.

  4. LOVE the pictures. Those strawberries are beautiful!!

  5. ok…grabbing my sleeping bag and coming your way… why? why? I plead like a child is there snow every where else in the US..but NOT in my yard? Enjoy it cause we SURE wish we had some, or some more. 🙂

  6. can’t wait to create new spring & summer photos and memories….i’m very ready.

  7. deb

    I love every picture in this post – from top to bottom!

    This summer when we’re are sweating like mad – we’ll look back at these snow day pictures and think… wow, how *cool* is that!! 🙂

  8. Claire

    Oh wow! I remember this, that IS only a month away! YAY.

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