I ♥ Jamie Oliver.

before i fell smitten with michael pollan there was jamie oliver.   actually, there still is jamie oliver.  i love this man madly for his passion about food, about children, about education, about reform.  we could all take a lesson from his message.  i hung on every minute of his school dinners campaign in britian.  now there is jamie’s food revolution in the usa coming to abc in march.

sometimes i think better food for our children is way too small a drop in the giant ocean of our nation’s woes.  sometimes i think with all the budgetary concerns of our local schools, asking for better food might just be too much.  but in the end it’s all tied together.  personally, we here as a family have totally transformed the way we eat in the last two years, but that’s not enough.  i’m thinking more and more about proper holistic nutrition.  i’m thinking more about whole food education.  i’m thinking more about children.  i feel my heart embracing a new direction.

here is a clip for the new program here in the USA coming in March…

here is jamie oliver’s TED acceptance speech.  it’s long, 20 minutes. but it’s important.

Here is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website.

Here is the TED award site.

Here is the Slow Food movements Time For Lunch campaign, of which Ems has already solicited signatures for their petition from everyone we know a few months ago.



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9 responses to “I ♥ Jamie Oliver.

  1. daaaang my slow connection I can’t load the clips. A little off the exact topic…but I have paid SO much more attention to the actual safety of food since one of my clients lost their 2yo son from the spinach ecoli outbreak a few years ago. It was devastating.

  2. I’ve been waiting for FR too! Yet another reason why I like you so much! I followed his campaign in Britian too! I’ve been watching him since the Naked Chef days and am a big lover of his cooking style.

    I’m proud to say that my kids happily brown bag their lunches every single day. Some of the food in the school cafeteria is down right scary and I’m glad they don’t want to eat it.

    I was shocked at the kids who didn’t know what vegetable was what!!! That amazed and saddened me.

    Thanks for the links. Loved listening to his speech.

  3. I am so sad that Jamie Oliver is no longer on Food Network! I would get up early every Saturday morning to watch his show. And then all of a sudden…gone. I’m excited that he’s got a new show coming…it sounds interesting.

    Now…off to listen to his speech!

  4. Wow! That looks like a really interesting, worthwhile show to watch. Very powerful and so amazingly sad that there are people who react the way some of those in that clip did… Thank you for letting us know about this! I will definitely be looking forward to watching it. 🙂

  5. Denise

    let’s not forget jamie is pretty easy on the eyes as well : )

    i love him too just don’t tell my husband. although, i think i already informed him.

    holistic nutrition is the way to go.

  6. i absolutely loved jamie’s take on revamping school lunches in britain. watched every episode. i so think the same revolution needs to occur here in the usofa. can’t wait to watch his new series.

    love that you said everything is connected. as mothers, i think it is so very important that we educate our children about food choices, eating habits, exercise, etc. what we do now can carry on for generations.

  7. I love him too. He has done wonders for school lunches here.

    It seems ge is loved worldwide. I was in Slovenia a couple years ago … and I saw one of his books in a mountain cottage in SLOVENIAN. Amazing.

  8. deb

    This is fantastic!

    Most people feel food should come in a plastic bottle, styrofoam tray, or something in a box off the shelf. Then when they feel terrible they head to the doctor for yet another prescription to feed their bodies with more trash. Truly sad.

    It’s sad too that our children have no idea where food comes from or what it’s like to taste homegrown veggies from the garden. Real veggies not the ones coated in wax and sprayed with poison.

    Laziness is also a huge contributing factor. Huge. People don’t want to grow their own food. That would mean work. It’s far easier to go and buy the plastic variety from the store with no thought whatsoever on it’s impact on our bodies, the environment and our future generations. Television commercials, newspaper ads, it’s all over… no one can think for themselves. So many are convinced by the media. The food industry is such a disaster to say the least.

    Hooray for Jamie Oliver! I’ll be there to cheer him on!

    I could go on and on (as you can see…) and I’m so glad you posted about this.

  9. Great minds. I just posted about Food Inc and Jamie Oliver last night. I can’t wait for his series. I’ll definitely have to watch that one.

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