Sunday At The Park

Two things happened this weekend.  1/ I got tired of being in the house and 2/ I watched a movie that reminded me about what I want life to be all about.  I have another post about that, but need a day or two to let it settle in and gather my thoughts.  So Sunday, we escaped the house and headed to one of the local parks.  I threw my sneakers and my camera in the car  and hoped to get some photos and a brisk run/walk in while the girls played on the playground.  Obviously, the snow was not cleared making the walk impossible, but we had a good time exploring in the snow.

Boo of course found a new walking stick from a piece of driftwood.  This girl picks up sticks everywhere.  Oh to count the number of sticks I find in the car, in the house, in the dog kennel…..everywhere.  Ems had a time rearranging some furniture for the fairies living in the hole in this tree.  “Seriously”, she told Boo, “don’t mess with it”.

It was a nice day for exploring.  It was a warmer 40 degrees,  still I hate to be cold, so I did not care that I was walking around in a pair of crocs, yoga pants, a long sleeve-t-shirt and TWO sweaters…..quite strange looking, but warm, and hey at this point that’s all I care about.

Simple pleasures:  fresh air, sunshine, the river, a snowball fight around the jungle gym, laughing girls, all three.  Sometimes I have to remember to stop being so serious all the time, let loose, find something simple and have fun.  All the other boring stuff at home isn’t going anywhere, anyway.



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7 responses to “Sunday At The Park

  1. Denise

    can’t think of a better way to spend the day. i noticed no picture of you though in your fancy get-up. so looking forward to what movie you watched.

  2. I find the older I get, the less concerned I am about how I look. Warm & comfortable…. that works! I too am looking forward to hearing about the movie.

  3. I also meant to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying Ayub Ogada. At home… at work… just wonderful. Thanks again for sharing that.

  4. Much needed reminder to lighten up…have fun…I need to remember that, too. Maybe I’ll drag my boys to the park this weekend…hike around a while. xoxoxo

    ps…you should see MY get up. We’d be quite a pair!!

  5. Love that you were able to get outside! Looks like a fun way for the girls to spend the afternoon (all 3 of ya).

  6. I too am enjoying listening to Ayub Ogada – downloaded to my iPod – thanks for the mention. Your daughter reminds me a little of myself: always dragging bits of the “outside” inside. She likes sticks; I like seed pods, rocks, foliage. Just scooping up nature wherever we go. It’s for later you know, for when we can’t be outside.

    Glad you got to enjoy a bit of the outdoors on the weekend.

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