dear girls, (part I)

Dear Girls,

I promise you that at some point:

1.  I am going to look at you and not know what you are thinking.

2. you are going to hurt each other’s feelings and not value each other.

3.   you are going to feel that I “DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU ONE BIT”.

4.  you are going to think I am, weird, crazy, wacko, out of touch, a freak of nature, over the top, ridiculous.

5.  someone you thought was a friend is going to say something about you to someone else that will hurt you.

6. someone you thought was a friend will just disappear from your life.

7.  a boy you really, really, really like, is not going to know you exist.

8.  a boy is going to really, really, break your heart.

9.  school is going to seem too hard and too time consuming.

10.   you will think you are ready for a relationship that I know you are not ready for.

11. you will think that you got away with something that I will know about but never tell you.

12.   you will struggle with your body image.

13.   you will care about what other people think about you.

14.  you will think  every year that this is the only time there is and how important it is.

15.   you are going to question the existence of God.

16.  you will ask me questions about your father that I may still not feel ready to tell you about.

17.  you will be embarassed when I talk to you about sex.

18. you will no longer think the music I listen to is “cool”.

19.  you will shy away from my hugs and my kisses.

20.  you will be afraid to tell me how you are really feeling.

I already know this,




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9 responses to “dear girls, (part I)

  1. Denise

    so, do the girls read your blog? may I refer my girls to read this post?

    great list.

  2. I think I’m just going to leave this on the computer *accidentally* so that the girls will just happen to see it…

    Thank you for putting these mother moments into words…

  3. So true, indeed.
    I must prepare myself!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Can I just tell you that I love this? And that I’ve been there, done that, still have a few that haven’t happened…I hope #19 doesn’t come to fruition…knock on wood, my 16 and 13 year old still come to me for hugs daily, sometimes more than once and we still give good night kisses.

    Your girls are lucky to have you as mama.

  5. I love this. All true. Ye wise one… I never saw some of these things coming… I was completely caught off guard when my girlies quit wanting to hold my hand. big grin.

  6. Um, I am tearing up here. What a beautiful letter to your girls and a fantastic idea! I think I will have to do the same thing!


  7. Liz

    Just sat here nodding my head and remembering many “growing up” moments with Lil. You nailed it,but then, don’t you always? Again, reading your blog is my favorite way to start the day! Hugs!

  8. Again…great! Although, I have a feeling that #4 is going to come about more often than any other….My 2 and 3 year old already look at me like I’ve lost it on a regular basis.

  9. hi! i’m here from Tina’s blog. Had to tell you- this is ADORABLE! i’m following 🙂

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