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Wordless Wednesday: Budding



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Friend For Life

I was sitting here at the computer Sunday writing a separate post (it’s either floodgates or drought these days) when little Boo came downstairs this morning and wrapped herself in a blanket on the couch next to me.  She had Bear with her, of course, and she lay there quiet for quite a while which is unusual for her.

Then with tears starting to glaze her eyes, she asked me, “Mommy, can I keep Bear forever…..”

I didn’t have a Teddy Bear growing up.  I don’t know why so much I wanted each of my girls to have these bears.   A good friend of mine that I used to work with got them.  They are both snuggly soft.  Ems bear has light pastel colored swirls that you cannot even differentiate anymore the fur is so smooshed and well-loved.  Boo’s is a brown bear with with little black button eyes, still pretty soft and fluffy. Their ribbons are tied forever around their necks because their bows could never now be undone.

The purely magical part of these bears is that they never stop loving the girls and I think that may be the reason why I felt it was so important for them to have them.

Boo has a special connection with her bear and likewise Bear is quite important to me too.

Saturday  Boo went to visit her father for the day.  She left Bear sitting on the couch, but made sure that he was tucked in with a blanket.  I wanted to curl up on the couch with my grandmother’s recipe book and a cup of tea.  Do you know who stole the blanket from Bear but then decided to pull the covers back over him?

Regardless, here is what I told her. She can keep Bear forever.  He is hers forever.  When we go to Nova Scotia this summer, Bear can go.  When she goes to college, Bear can go.  When she moves into her first apartment, Bear will be there.  Bear will always be there.  Bear was here waiting for her when she was first born and he belongs to her.  Will always be there.

More than just a possession, Bear does belong to her.  Right now he is as much a part of her as anything else and I want her to know that is okay and always will be.

So thank you Shawn for those bears.  Those bears you got long ago when Ems was just a little peanut.  You have no idea what a gift you gave. And in this, the year of simplifying here in this place, a sweet, soft friend is a simple pleasure.


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Treasure Trove.

I am sitting right now with a treasure on my lap.  A priceless treasure that means more to me than anything you could put a price tag on.  Something that brings a smile, contemplation, satisfaction.  It is on loan to me.  It is not my treasure and I did not work for it.  Someone else put the time into creating this work. Someone put their years into it and it wears some of the remnants of their hard work.  This is a treasure that I will soak up.  That I will try to replicate and if I am lucky my children will benefit from as well.

This is one half of my Grandmother’s recipe books.  It’s actually the second half, but I wanted to start with Eggs instead of Appetizers because, well, we love eggs. Almost all of the recipes are on index cards….in my Grandmother’s handwriting.  I have been sitting here perusing them for awhile now and know how many of these I may copy because I don’t just want the recipes, I want the same thing she looked at while she cooked, I want her beautiful handwriting to be what I look at when I am cooking.  I am truly rich today.


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Food Revolution Tonight

****Don’t forget Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution two-hour episode tonight at 8pm EST on ABC.  Having watched the sneak peek episode early, would love to have everyone else’s feedback on the show!  Also, just found out he’s going to be on Oprah today, Friday, March 26th, should be better than that Letterman fiasco.


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Wordless Wednesday: To The Gardens


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More Neighbors…

We had some more neighbors stop by and visit on Sunday.  I went to take the dog around the corner of the house and Whoa Nelly, what was under the tree but a big ol’ flock of birds.  She went right back in and of course I went right back out with the camera.

They were friendly, these neighbors, the guineas were quite talkative, the turkeys put on quite a show.  They didn’t seem to mind visiting for awhile.  They seemed to really appreciate my compost pile.  First the rooster, now these guys (and gals), my goodness!

And speaking of Farm Fresh Food, remember Jamie Oliver’s new show premiere’s this Friday, March 26th at 8:00 pm on ABC, or watch the sneak peek here.  I was appalled and not too proud to be an American watching this, but happy to hear Jamie talking the talk again, all the lovely curses included.


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Today Is My Birthday.

i am 38 years old today.

today i am happy that  i can pull the little blue vases out of the dusty cabinet for little gifts picked by still little hands.


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