She Fills My Bucket

A few weeks ago Boo walked up to me and gave me a huge hug.  She said to me then, “I just helped fill your bucket”.

No idea.  Then she explained a concept she learned at school.  Some days I am about ready to pull my hair out with complaints about school, but this time they redeemed themselves.

Your bucket is what brings you happiness and love and security.  There are many ways you can fill someone’s bucket.  You can hug them, or kiss them,  give them a compliment or help them.  A lovely concept.

Today she gave me lots of hugs, hard hugs and said, “Now your bucket is full”.  Then she continued, “Some people like to dip into your bucket.  They take your happiness away.  They don’t have enough in their buckets so they try to take yours away, but it doesn’t work because  their bucket never gets filled up.  Bullies have nothing in their buckets”.

It makes you stop and think about whose bucket you are filling and whose bucket you are dipping out of either consciously or not.

I love the way the school counselor made this concept very real for the children.  Very real, but in an imaginative way.  I also love the fact that Boo wants to fill my bucket up.  More than that I love the fact that she has taught me how I can make her happy, make her feel safe, loved, secure.

Boo needs a lot of security.  She needs a lot of comfort.  She is a whirlwind, a dervish, a flash of red running through the house, but she also is still healing from the tear in the fabric of her family.  The safety net.

She didn’t know when she hugged me this morning mid-breakfast, mid-school rush that she had already filled my bucket.  We have a ritual in the mornings.  I wake her up or she comes into my room.  She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me close to  her.  She still has the warmth of the night and the aura of sleep around her.  Hair escaping the previous night’s braid finding it’s way into my eyes, my face, stinky little morning breath, but she nuzzles and she wraps her legs around and she holds on tight and that overflows my bucket every single day.



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19 responses to “She Fills My Bucket

  1. Ah baby…. I need a boo to fill my bucket. Still in a bit of a funk ova here with the big departure and all…but doing better. What a sweet sweet soul. You are blessed Mamma. Truly.

  2. What a great idea! And how sweet of Boo to be thinking of filling your bucked. That girl is gorgeous!


  3. Denise

    boo is a smart little girl if you ask me.

  4. Other Grandmom

    Ah, how I love that little one!

  5. Sigh…you guys just filled my bucket…

  6. “SNIFF SNIFF” How beautiful, What a wonderful way to wake up.

  7. I love this whole bucket idea. Love it. Beautiful post!

  8. sweetest concept ever. may your bucket be full each and every day.

  9. She is adorable…inside and out. How sweet that she really listened to what they talked about…and then APPLIED it. Smart girl…and kind…and thoughtful…you are one lucky mama…but you KNOW that already!

    I will have to be careful to fill buckets and not drain them….

  10. Awww, your post just filled my bucket a little more too. Thanks for sharing your story.

    We used to have a red-haired dervish running through our house too — now she’s away at college. I still remember her as a little girl. :>)

  11. Tina @ Second Wind directed me to your little corner of the blogosphere and I’m glad she did. Each post I have read so far has been insightful, thoughtful and just plan lovely.
    I just hope I remember the “bucket” analogy when my girls are a bit older and able to understand it. What a great way to get kids to understand how their actions effect others.

  12. Kimmy

    Jen, I just had to let you know how much this story touched me. It filled my bucket just to hear how much Karelyn wants to fill yours. Nothing better than the love of a child.

  13. What a sweet gal you’re raising.

    This bucket filling concept has made its way into our house too and I love it. (I posted about it here too:

  14. This will be with me, possibly for the rest of my life… we are either filling or emptying another’s bucket….
    Let’s just be filling.
    What a precious lesson and what a sweet daughter you have.
    Warm wishes. Tonya

  15. Very, very wonderful. I am sitting here exhausted (long, long day), cold, tired…and this just warmed me to the core.

  16. Hi;
    I’m stopping by from Second Wind. I think that your post is really beautiful and I am glad to have found your blog.

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