On Blogging

Sometimes realizations sneak up on you.  Sometimes they just sit there silently brewing until you are ready and then say, “uh-huh, I knew eventually you would get it“.

my head fills up easily with dreams.  it always has. “could I have been…” as Dave Matthews would sing.  i can too easily place myself into some other person’s shoes or situation and imagine myself there.  which is how i easily make friends. which is why sometimes it is difficult for my brain to wrap itself around the blogosphere.  so many wonderful people, doing so many wonderful things.

i almost gave up blogging a couple of weeks ago.  not out loud or anything.  just a thought in my head that i might be too busy. my blog reading unfortunately has dropped off.  i asked a friend, a fellow blogger, if i should feel guilty about not making the rounds as often. “absolutely not” she said, “you and your family come first“.  she is so wise even when she doesn’t know it.

but i cannot stop writing.  even if no one visits.  okay, my mom will visit. probably my grandmother too.  i’ve been blogging now over two years on this and two previous blogs. this is my 524th post.  for years i scribbled the words Under The BIG blue Sky in notebooks because i liked the way it sounded.  i didn’t know how i would eventually use it.  but this seems to suit it well.

recently there was a “beautiful blogger” award from Leslie that i have still yet to follow up on.  a couple of emails from people that i am just getting to know. tina thoughtfully guest posted my dear girls post with a beautiful introduction that made me hide my head but grin.  i received a note from a dear friend in the mail that said, “please keep writing“.

i’m not sure how to take it all.  i’m just a girl.  an ordinary girl doing ordinary things.  that people would say to me that i inspire them, that my words are beautiful catches me by surprise, but thank you, all of you.  to take this life, turn it into something beautiful, it’s something we all aim to do.  i was never just sure which way to do it.

i will keep writing.  even when it’s just me, my computer and my mom. and if you don’t think that what you are writing is worth anything, keep going.  because even if you don’t know it,  it is meaning something to someone, even if that someone is just yourself.   and that is a realization worth having.



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17 responses to “On Blogging

  1. Congrats on the 524 posts–that is quite an accomplishment.

  2. Profound thoughts, but so simple too. You should keep writing….even if you’re not sure anyone is reading. The way I see it, blogging is more of an outlet than it is a public forum. It’s good for us to let it all out.

  3. Liz

    You can add me to that list. Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning no matter how late I’m running….ok, sometimes it takes until I get to work…lol!

  4. Denise

    i just hid my head and grinned too. on top of that, I had my head resting on my hand just like you.

    yes, keep blogging. keep writing. keep being you.

    and, that Cami – she is the sunshine in the big blue sky : )

  5. Denise

    Camie – not Cami : ) (sorry, Camie)

  6. you keep writing, i’ll keep reading.

  7. I read every post you write…and miss you when you’re gone. Keep writing…we ALL have something to say and through this strange thing called blogs, I feel like we’ve “found each other”…all of us…and it’s a good thing.

    This picture of you is so.amazingly.beautiful. l.o.v.e.

  8. I read too and honestly the world needs more “ordinary people doing ordinary things.” It’s what makes the world go round after all.

  9. THAT is a beautiful picture 🙂

    Your words meant SO MUCH to me today and your friend who says “Your life/family comes first” is one sensible woman! Kudos to the both of you!


  10. syd

    I’ve stopped reading almost all blogs, as well, because I have so little time ( http://mnmlist.com/stop-making-it-complicated ) … but I always read yours. I appreciate that you are real, that you write when you can, and without agenda, and I love seeing how you and the girls are doing. Plus your pictures are gorgeous. My vote is, write when you feel like it – and I will be reading. xo

  11. You are absolutely beautiful! Your writing is real. “Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.” -from The Velveteen Rabbit.

    Dmoms: Still waiting on your guest post…still not using margarine. big grin.

  12. This post mirrors some of my thoughts right now as to why I write and why I blog. I wanted to pick up the phone (is there a phone system in Blogville?) and call you up and say “uh huh, you said it, girl!”

  13. I am with Camie.. keep on writing. It is hard to “make the rounds” and I didn’t realise how blogging could quickly turn into that if one allowed. My mom will always read mine too 🙂 There is something about writing that I love.. but when it turns into something else.. I want to be done too.

  14. Thanks.. I needed that too! Hugs..

  15. blueskyhi

    Wow, 524 posts sure is an accomplishment. Yours is the first blog I ever read and will always be top of my “to read” list.

  16. Tay

    It is hard sometimes when writing a blog, but I understand what you mean about not stopping your writing. Keep on writing, I thought this post was good. I just found your blog so I’ll have to read your older post to see all you’ve had to say. Well, maybe not all…

  17. deb

    You and your writing are beautiful.

    I wouldn’t miss it for the world…

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