In A Moment

I see eighteen different characterizations of your self. Each day I see shades of your father.  In what you read, the way you look at me, your tone of voice.  Some I love, some make me cringe.  I see my passions, my abilities my disabilities.  I see someone I know better than anyone else on this earth and someone I’ve never seen before.  I see my little girl resting her head on my chest.  I see reminiscence of the chubby little baby in that space between your nose, your cheeks, your eyes.  I see a young lady.  I see thoughts and philosophies spinning in your mind.  I see a smile, a frown, a grimace.  I see all that you were, all that you are, all that you will become in those moments when I catch you letting go.



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9 responses to “In A Moment

  1. Awww. I think i could cry- i love the “love” in that note above.

    Cheers to you- and happy woman’s day!

  2. There is something very sweet about her…not to mention she’s so pretty. Love the braids…xox You’re a good mom, J…

  3. Such a lovely, heartfelt post. It’s easy to see your love for her.

  4. Denise

    very touching words.

  5. sue

    your words are simply heartwarmingly beautiful, and she is so lucky that you can see her x

  6. Such sweet words. I hope you’ll save them and share them with her some day. She’s a beautiful girl and you’re a good mom. It’s obvious from your words how special she is to you (as are all daughters to their mothers).

  7. Oh so sweet. I get so sentimental about my children growing up, although I want the to become who they have come here to be…it’s the letting go part I need to work on.


  8. You know…some of my favorite blog posts of all time are written by bloggers dedicated to their children. Just a simple letter or poem or thought directed right at them. Love it.

  9. this one felt so familiar..

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