More Neighbors…

We had some more neighbors stop by and visit on Sunday.  I went to take the dog around the corner of the house and Whoa Nelly, what was under the tree but a big ol’ flock of birds.  She went right back in and of course I went right back out with the camera.

They were friendly, these neighbors, the guineas were quite talkative, the turkeys put on quite a show.  They didn’t seem to mind visiting for awhile.  They seemed to really appreciate my compost pile.  First the rooster, now these guys (and gals), my goodness!

And speaking of Farm Fresh Food, remember Jamie Oliver’s new show premiere’s this Friday, March 26th at 8:00 pm on ABC, or watch the sneak peek here.  I was appalled and not too proud to be an American watching this, but happy to hear Jamie talking the talk again, all the lovely curses included.



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7 responses to “More Neighbors…

  1. Denise

    so these turkeys were just out for a walk or what?

  2. they are free range in all senses of the word…

  3. deb

    This is great! I love visitors like this. 🙂

    And… Go JAMIE!

  4. I’m unable to watch the video coz it is open to US visitors only, as of now.

    I’m wondering how brave you’ve been to have seen all these huge-looking birds in your yard, stay calm and NOT run for your life!

  5. So cool. Every time I go to my local ski hill there is a flock of turkeys…most of the time the middle of the road…. makes me laugh about a story my husband tells….Army guy, sitting on patrol, dark, 12 shifts, and out of now where a turkey lands in his lap. It was funny…but even more so when I saw how big a fully feathered turkey really is…fact of the matter is I’d only seen a turkey in person at the meat counter. In real life…THEY ARE BIG…imagine one flying into your lap in the dark. 🙂

  6. Steve

    darn! Jen – here was Easter dinner and you went and blew it by shooting them with a camera.

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