Treasure Trove.

I am sitting right now with a treasure on my lap.  A priceless treasure that means more to me than anything you could put a price tag on.  Something that brings a smile, contemplation, satisfaction.  It is on loan to me.  It is not my treasure and I did not work for it.  Someone else put the time into creating this work. Someone put their years into it and it wears some of the remnants of their hard work.  This is a treasure that I will soak up.  That I will try to replicate and if I am lucky my children will benefit from as well.

This is one half of my Grandmother’s recipe books.  It’s actually the second half, but I wanted to start with Eggs instead of Appetizers because, well, we love eggs. Almost all of the recipes are on index cards….in my Grandmother’s handwriting.  I have been sitting here perusing them for awhile now and know how many of these I may copy because I don’t just want the recipes, I want the same thing she looked at while she cooked, I want her beautiful handwriting to be what I look at when I am cooking.  I am truly rich today.



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10 responses to “Treasure Trove.

  1. Indeed what a treasure!

  2. Seeing my grandma’s handwriting brings such a smile to my face. I kept all her cookbooks after she passed away. I love opening them to see her notes in the margins. You most certainly do have a wonderful treasure there!

  3. You really are rich! I don’t have much in my grandmother’s handwriting, but I will occasionally come across one of her lists, tucked away in a book. I miss her so.

  4. How wonderful! My Mom recently found a recipe for Banana Pineapple cake my grandmother had written. She gave it to me last week, because she knew I’d appreciate it. They are treasures.

  5. What a wonderful thing! I have some of my Grams handwritten recipes and I treasure them too. So happy for you!

  6. Denise

    this is a treasure for sure. grandmas would just laugh if they knew we looked up recipes on the internet now.

    hope you are well : )

  7. That handwriting is beautiful. Love the “n” in chicken. I wish my grandmum’s handwriting was in a language i could read.

    You, my girl, need to bolt your doors tight. You’re rich!

  8. Truly a treasure…love it. My grandmother didn’t leave many recipes in her handwriting…they were all in her head. But I’m thinking about my own mom…and her recipe book and recipe box…with a lot of her own handwriting that I know I will treasure someday. xo

  9. There are very few things that can bring up memories like food and cooking. You are truly lucky to have such a treasure with you.

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