In Bloom

lilacs.  bursting forth in the front yard.  taken right before sunset.  everything it seems right now is in bloom.  the trees that had buds just a week ago have sprouted baby leaves.  green has made it’s return.

sometimes it sneaks up on you when you aren’t even looking, this blossoming.

i feel in bloom.  i’m just shy of having lost ten pounds.  i am working out and feeling my body come alive.  i am filling myself with healthy  food.  i put some standards away and have started listening to music with a positive message. i saw my ex-husband yesterday and he just seemed like “someone  i know”. i sat  in the backyard and laughed with my daughters, my aunt and my grandmother.  i watched bluebirds scoping out a nest in my backyard. i made a brilliant batch of bean soup with the leftover easter ham.  i took Boo to a birthday party on her own.  i sat in Starbucks and shared a berry coffee cake slice with Ems, just the two of us.  i took the camera for a walk. we ate dinner outside.

sitting down tonight and taking  a minute at the computer writing this i realize something.  right now, something that had eluded me for some time has finally settled in.

i am happy.



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15 responses to “In Bloom

  1. Denise

    sweetness. happy is a very good thing. i happen to love lilacs. one of my favorite. so good to hear from you tonight.

    p.s. – way to go on your exercise and weight loss!

  2. Remember that “right now” post I do? There’s yours. Right now I’m happy. Lovely!

  3. Liz

    A big hug to you! That’s wonderful!

  4. Peg

    Bravo for you! I can feel your gratitude for the simple everyday things in life, for me that’s where true happiness lies….

  5. oooh! spring beauty! 🙂

  6. Lilacs are absolutely one of my favorite flowers. My grandmother had a huge lilac tree with light lavender flowers on the side of her old house. It smelled heavenly…not to mention was so beautiful.

    And I have to say…I hear a bit of Jamie Oliver influence in your “brilliant bean soup”!! Love it! Nothing better than bean soup with a nice ham bone…

  7. Gorgeous! I love this time of year!

  8. Happy. Content. Ahhhh. Sounds like it all came together with one big sigh. I’m happy for you. :>)

  9. I am absolutely and incredibly thrilled for you!! xoxo
    (tears in my eyes) : )

  10. Reading this brings a smile to the beginning of my day. =)

  11. I was smiling as I read this because I am so happy for you. Glad that you’ve found your happy place.

  12. Oh the peace and relief in simply being happy. I am happy for you!

  13. blueskyhi

    What a glorious post. Your hard work towards being happy is paying off and what a beautiful pay-off it is – to feel pure deserved happiness.

    I truly miss NZ for it’s four seasons, here we only have winter/summer or very wet/very hot. Enjoy your emerging spring and new life that surrounds you.

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