if only i could keep them like this….forever.  i know it won’t happen, cannot happen.  a couple of friends have recently had babies, and oh, how i remember those times and thinking if they could only stay like this forever. i review photos from toddling years, chubby cheeks and small legs, and i remember, oh how if they would only stay this way.  we are here now… girls. and yet still, i wish…….

boo talks to me now about questions that are larger than life.  she is empathetic, intuitive.

ems is starting to pull away, doing more and more on her own.  it makes it easier for me, but it makes me sad.  she seems to have her own mind these days….

i know these small, big girls.  they are my own, but more and more i begin to realize they are not.  they are their own, i am just their guiding hand.

thank God for those of you who have done this before me.  who have written to show me the way.  i am scared for the future.  how one mama will handle the turmoil and rebellion of the coming years.  you keep me full of hope for the moments to come.

i say it many times a day.  me and the girls. i hope we will continue to be that forever……..



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11 responses to “Forever

  1. They do seem to grow up mighty fast. Mine are still only toddlers and every day it astounds how much they have grown from little babies into these little PEOPLE!

  2. Such beautiful photos, how lucky the girls are to one day look back at them. And to have a thinking loving mama like you. Time certainly does not stand still, I also sometimes wish it did.

  3. So beautiful…your words and your girls and your photos…xo I know it’s hard to watch them go their own way…but if we’ve done our jobs well, then they feel confident to do so. At least that’s what “they” say!

  4. Denise

    love these photos. your girls are very photogenic! I love saying “girls” too. You are doing such a fine job with your girls – you could write the book.

  5. Sitting in my draft file right now is a post I wrote yesterday about the boys growing up too fast and how I feel about it. Our timing is parallel again. Lovely photos of the girls.

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful photos!


  7. Carol M.

    Jen – You will love every stage, if you are lucky. You (my children) are 38, 33, and 23 and I love where each of you are even now. It is so rewarding to see the independent and capable adults you have become. How lovely to feel that way about your children. I am blessed. Mom

  8. love it. beautiful photos. beautiful girls. beautiful mama. like you, i love my girls. my alison. my madison. when they were young i always wondered how i’d survive the teenage years but honestly, i love every phase. the teenage years have not been nearly as difficult as i thought they would be. i’m not saying they’re easy but i’ve enjoyed them thus far.
    my alison turned 17 on easter sunday. that night when i was tucking her in, she said to me, “just think. you’re almost done parenting.” ha. that will never happen. i told her that parenting is a life-long commitment.

  9. deb

    Have I told you lately what an awesome Mom you are to your girls?! The best. You notice so much about them that so often gets overlooked. The little things that mean a whole lot – especially in years to come.

    Your photos of the girls are so, so sweet and such a great capture of true sisters.

    “Me and the girls… forever….” I’m betting on it!

  10. goodness your girls and these photos are beautiful.

  11. photo #2…my favorite…I’m teary…you made me miss my sister something fierce AND reminisce about my girls at the same time – a double whammy to the heart…

    one thing I do know…the “rebel” years do end – the love NEVER does…


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