Wordless Wednesday: Lilacs, So Dreamy



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8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Lilacs, So Dreamy

  1. That center capture…I can practically smell the lilacs from here…

    By the way, I love your reminder…and it makes me so sad to think that someone would so carelessly and cruelly take credit for your beautiful work…


  2. Lovely!!! I’ve been in a lilac mood myself…great minds! 🙂

    Really? someone stole your images? It’s becoming a horrible epidemic…I’m so sorry.

  3. One of my favorite flowers in the world…and you my friend captured them exquisitely…wow…amazing pictures girl!

  4. just thought i would clarify….as far as “i know” no one has used my photos or content, but after reading how it has happened to countless other folks, i wanted to just put the disclaimer on there.

    i never wanted to do it before, i think it sounds pretentious, but i don’t want to see my photos popping up elsewhere….

  5. Don’t feel bad about the disclaimer. I had to do it too. I did find some of my photos on sites that were using them as their own. Geesh, just ask. It’s so simple people.

    Now the lilacs. I was photographing lilacs last night to use for a WW. We are on the same page so many time.

  6. Denise

    love the lilacs!

    okay, one day I read this one blog about spring cleaning – then I went to the next blog and there was the exact same picture. I couldn’t believe it. I no longer read that second blog just for that reason. There was no credit given to the first bloggers picture. i get this.

  7. I didn’t get pictures taken in time but I had been meaning too. I love lilacs. On my walks there’s a spot where I walk by several of them and the word that came to mind as I breathed in their wonderful scent was ‘intoxicating.’ I pause in that same spot everytime and take in several deep breaths.

  8. deb

    These photos are amazing and the middle one is so dreamy. It deserves a frame. Love that one!

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