emily was nine yesterday.  she had her ears pierced today.  grandmom stood and held her hand.  we will party tomorrow.  just family, at her request.  a friend to go swimming with soon.  she has flowers.  it is important that each of my girls have flowers on their birthday.  i’m not sure why.  i hijacked them to photograph.  now they sit on the table, waiting.

i made the cake from scratch.  sometimes from scratch is important.  like at birthdays.  but they are trouble.  chocolate melting on the stove. egg yolks beaten in one bowl.  milk coming to room temperature.  all at once. did a speck of the water from the bottom of the bowl sneak in and ruin it all?  will it stick, i had no wax paper?

chicken salad to make.  and fruit kebabs.  tablecloth to wash.  floors to sweep. presents to wrap.

why are weekends only two days?  birthdays should allow a four, five day weekend.

birthdays are special.



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9 responses to “Preparations

  1. Happy birthday. Birthdays are very special. I like the flowers idea. Beautiful.


  2. I think all weekends should be 5 days…and the work week 2…there is nothing wrong with that…at all.

    Happy B-day to Ems…I got my ears pierced for my 10th birthday…I remember every detail to this day. xoxo to all of you beautiful ladies…

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet girl and to you as well mama! Two of my children share a birthday which was this week, your post resonates with me. We drag our birthdays out, everyone is welcome to a whole weekend of celebrating starting on Friday of course : ) Isn’t it amazing how much goes into baking a cake!
    Warm wishes to you on this day!

  4. Denise

    nine must be the magic ears pierced birthday – both my girls got theirs done at age nine. enjoy the day!

  5. Happy birthday to Emily!!!
    It’s very special to give flowers 🙂

    Enjoy the day!

  6. Liz

    I’m sure it was an amazing party! A big happy birthday to Ems! I’ll get back to you on details for the 8th asap…

  7. “On the day Emily was born, the angels sang and they blew on their horns…they danced…they smiled and raised up their hands…on the day Emily was born…”

    Thank you for allowing us to celebrate Emily and her life with you…

    Wishing you all a great week!


  8. I love that you see to it your girls have flowers on the birthday. How sweet and so very special. Something they will always remember. I bet it’s a tradition they carry on. Yes, bdays are special and additional days would be wonderful and full. Give the birthday girl my best. Will we be seeing a picture of the lovely decorated ears?

  9. 6512 and growing

    Congratulations to you and your daughter! My MIL celebrates her birthday a whole week, and on the event of turning 70, a month! (I think I’ll have to adopt that philosophy when I turn 40)!

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