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Random Daily Pleasure

Being surprised by the scent of honeysuckle blooms.


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Wordless Wednesday: Back With Inspiration


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I had a revelation on my yoga mat tonight.  That I need to take some time to relax.  I am tired of chasing life.  I am ready to sink into it.  When I do yoga I slow down, both physically and mentally.  I realized there in that moment that I needed to pull myself back down to the ground and let go of some expectations.  I had a day this week when I drove to work slowly and calmly, singing along to the music and pausing for a squirrel to cross the road.  I had another day this week where I roared to work a stressball after a hectic morning. I like that first scenario a lot better.  I wish to move more slowly.

I am trying to do and be too much.  I need to take some time and just be.  Spend some more time on the mat.  Spend some more time listening to birds.  Spend some time really listening to my children.  Get my house in order.  Make some sense of the chaos.  I have resurrected the planner but in a gentler way.

I am taking a wee break from the blog world for a couple of weeks.  I need to focus on the world right here in front of me for a bit.

I will be back cherished friends.

 In the meantime stay healthy, stay grateful, and feel loved.

Catch you on the other side of crazy.


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Wordless Wednesday: It’s all about….


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i don’t have enough words for the sweetness of a new life.  six months old.  the miniscule toes, those tiny fingers, those small sounds erupting from the sweet softness.

thank you dear friend.  thank you for letting me hold him just for today.  i almost forgot what it felt like, that tiny miraculous, wonderful feeling.

twenty six years ago. that’s when we became friends.  today i held your second babe.  i am so glad to have you.


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Love-A, Love-A, Love

“champion the idea of one love, all people the same, one beautiful race, making a home of this beautiful place……”

Jason Mraz, “Anything You Want”

my daily happy song, love his words.


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