Photo Updates Or Lack Thereof

I am behind in pictures.  I haven’t posted anything on Flickr since Easter and completely missed posting Emily’s magic show.

And yes (eek) as hard as it is to admit it, I am a Project 365 dropout.  Hanging head in the shame of being someone who starts projects and never finishes them, but it was too hard right now.  I’m much more of a take 350 pictures on the weekend and maybe a few random shots through the week kind of a girl then a OMG it’s almost dark and I haven’t taken a photo today.  Maybe if I had more time….

But I still love taking photos and the girls are getting quite used to it. (As are all other children who will  be in therapy one day roll ing their eyes and saying, yes, my mom was a  blogger too AND  wow, i sure miss mom, now what to do with these 8,000 photos of flowers and food she left behind).

Because that’s what I did last night.  I grabbed a bunch of carrots out of the refrigerator before dinner and ran out the door with them and my camera, shouting back, I’ll start dinner in a minute, I just have to go shoot these carrots before I roast them… could I not, look at them, so gorgeous.



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6 responses to “Photo Updates Or Lack Thereof

  1. steve

    you’re not behind in being a mom!!!!!!!!!! (and just go ahead and take x pictures one day and catch up – nobody will fine you or throw you in jail)

  2. Denise

    i agree. many fill in pictures all at once. I was sick this week and missed a few days. I almost threw in the towel until I got a email from 365 reminding me to post.

    yeah, i would do the same with those carrots. they are beautiful.

  3. I had a little chuckle over your line,

    “As are all other children who will be in therapy one day rolling their eyes and saying, yes, my mom was a blogger too AND wow, i sure miss mom, now what to do with these 8,000 photos of flowers and food she left behind”.

    So true. Love the photo of the carrots. Never thought I would be into photos of carrots, but I can really appreciate why you took the pic in the first place.

    Enjoy your week,

  4. Gorge-e-oso carrots!! I too am behind. Been wanted to thank you for your your most sweet comment a week.. or so ago. Thank you. Love this photo. Was thinking of you when i went to the farm market last weekend. Purple hulled Amish popping corn…delicious…that’s all I am saying.. don’t want the word to get out, but I am going back for more. Looked for luck. xo..

  5. It’s wrong to have 8000 pictures of flowers and vegetables?

  6. I had to laugh at your comment about children in therapy….oh. my. how. funny. I know when I’m 70 my girls will still be razzing me about the photos I used to take of food….or maybe they will become food photo jouornalists. There’s a thought!

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