Wordless Wednesday: It’s all about….



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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: It’s all about….

  1. Denise

    funny, I just read about love this morning in my daily Bible reading plan.

  2. beautiful picture. my oldest would remind us that love is a verb…so do something about it.

  3. deb

    And… it makes the world go around. 🙂

    I have been meaning to ask you this for ages… can I hop on the Wordless Wednesday wagon? I wasn’t sure if this is a national wide event 🙂 or if this is all yours. I don’t want to intrude.

    Also, awhile back you asked me about the name of a flower I posted on my blog (http://prettysimple.typepad.com/pretty_simple/2010/04/bloomers.html#comments). Those beauties are virginia bluebells and they bloom in early spring. I always forget about them until they bloom the following year. They have the prettiest shade of blue/periwinkle.

    Oh and last but not least… Happy belated Mother’s Day to you! I hope it was just perfect.

  4. deb

    And… that’s “nation wide event” not national. Sorry! I need to proof *before* I hit submit.

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