“…the reason i write is because it chronicles my life, it’s always been the best souvenir i’ve ever had.  it’s always been my therapy.  it’s always been how i work out problems and enjoy the realizations and savor every moment, the highs and lows….”

the master of my favorite quotes, Mr. Jason Mraz.

I guess I haven’t fully been back to the blog world yet.  I’ve been doing a lot of growing here lately.  A lot of living. A lot of being one with myself.  I dare say I may begin to come off cocky or arrogant, I’m that full of myself.

Regardless of my absence here I am doing the things that I love, writing and snapping the pho-tos.  I started a journal.  Not a dear diary kind of thing, but a small pretty notebook to write down the random thoughts that seem to go floating in and out of my head on a daily basis.   I’ve also been trying to sit down and work on editing a photo or two every night, so watch for Flickr to start filling up.  This is a poppy in my grandmother’s yard from a bug’s eye view.

I found I didn’t much miss the AMOUNT of time I spent stuck to this chair, but it is important for me to keep writing because I read the blog back to the beginning while I was off and am amazed at the way my life has shaped out.

I’m pretty amazed at everything right now.  The sky, the trees, the birds, the clouds, my mom, my grandparents, good friends, the deliciousness of a ripe strawberry, the way my body feels  at about minute 40 of a good workout, the things that come out of my girl’s mouths, how a cup of tea and chocolate can make everything alright at the end of the day, and more specifically the way words can flow right out of my soul through my fingertips.

Life is good.


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6 responses to “Living

  1. I’m beaming over here for you. You are a terrific writer, wonderful photographer, and a fantastic momma. I’m glad you are in a place of bliss. Happiness is a very good thing huh?

  2. this is beautiful. i’m so thrilled for you.

  3. xox…beautiful…like you.

  4. beautiful, jen, just beautiful! what is flowing from your fingertips is also flowing from your heart.

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