“..and so I try to understand, what i can’t hold, in my hand…”

Jack Johnson, Home.

i’ve had my head up to the sky lately.  cloudwatching.  i’ve been obsessively photographing them this past week.  we’ve had some brilliant skies and some amazing almost thunderstorms.  it’s dry here and i’m trying to remember a month ago when i complained when will it ever stop raining.   but the clouds.  the girls said they were dizzy from my turn the car around in the other direction and pop out and take a photo of the sky behavior lately.  it’s easy to look at the clouds.  it’s easy to lay in the grass and gaze.  sometimes it’s easier to lose yourself in the sky then try to figure out what’s happening down here on earth.



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3 responses to “Cloudwatch

  1. thanks for sending the rain my way!

    no really, I remember as a child lying on the grass finding shapes in the clouds. I still think it is fun. I just need some of those fluffy clouds instead of all grey skies : )

  2. I love cloud watching. I did that on the beach last week. 🙂

  3. i’m glad i’m not the only one with my head in the clouds! i’m a little obsessed with them — i keep a cloudspotter’s book in my car, and i brake for altostratus. 🙂

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