just don’t know.

what i’m doing here.  i have great intention when it comes to the blog and my reader, but life seems so busy right now AND i don’t even have a garden.  it seems there are never enough hours in the day even with the 8:30 sunset.  yesterday i had a complete temper tantrum in the a.m. hours.  faced with another weekend of 10,000 things to accomplish in two days just completely set me off.  add some burgeoning hormones and yikes, it was a scary place to be.  today is better despite the 1 a.m. bedtime.  some espresso and some good tunes and i might actually kick my house’s tail.

it’s still a struggle.  i keep thinking if i just take one or two days and focus solely on clearing out and getting rid of the stuff i would feel better, but i just cannot seem to give it that full commitment.  i continue to want to purge, purge, purge.  the whole idea being if there is less stuff to contend with, less time devoted to it, right?

so how much is enough, 100 things?  i’m done there with books alone.  so it’s going to come down to the love it/use it theory and i see piles forming in the basement to go, go, go.  i see it.  sense the wording.  i’ve yet to get there.

perhaps the espresso will work.  maybe a little Green Day to fuel the fires, they usually pump up the workouts.

oh the workout, crap.

wish me luck.



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7 responses to “just don’t know.

  1. syd

    good luck, sweet lady. wish i lived closer, would bring a good cd and some jam.

  2. I can relate. The to-do list, the hormones, the desire to purge things. OK, you’ve inspired me, so that’s just what I’m off to do!

  3. I emailed you. hope the caffeine kicked in for you!

  4. I know how you feel. I am constantly purging and wanting to pare down and get rid of stuff. There really is, never enough time in the day to do stuff.

    Crank the music, grab the coffee and go hard core for a day or so.

    You will feel soo much better after!

    Good luck!

  5. i always have a pile of stuff for goodwill in my guest room. there’s one there now and i just thought of a couple of other items to add to it. good luck, girlie. love green day.

  6. like I tell myself..one day at a time..one thing at a time…and whatever doesn’t get done will be waiting for me tomorrow…xoxox

  7. It’ll all come together. Deep breath. One thing at a time. Now tell me to tell myself that, lol. Hugs to you.

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