The girls are working on a movie.  We’ve been spending time “on location”.  They get to be actresses.  I get to spend time with my best friend whose husband is making the movie.  It ends up working out pretty good for all of us.

It’s a zombie film, but not your ordinary zombie film.  It’s a film about boring zombies.  Actually, it’s a really good idea as zombie films go, which I am not a huge fan of.

If there IS a zombie apocolypse though I can tell you one thing, my girls will NOT be prepared.  They think zombies eat carrot bobs, drink pepsi through a straw and tell you exactly how to hit them.

We are getting a bit immune to people walking around covered in blood with parts of their body missing.

Karelyn went to bed last night with zombie blood on the bottom of her foot.  She apparently picked it up somewhere along the way frolicking through the grass waiting for her time to film.  I tried to get her to wash it off before bed, but she was just a little too cool for that. 

She played with my friend’s baby, spent a lot of time engrossed in Mario Kart, blew some bubbles, ate a couple ice cream sandwiches, then she went and poked a zombie with a stick for about fifteen minutes.

Just an ordinary day.  

So if you see pics like this in the photostream….don’t be alarmed.



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3 responses to “acting.

  1. okay, this is too funny.

  2. well, your weekend didn’t look anything like mine:)

  3. Liz

    We are raising demented children! But it’s been so much fun having them (and you! I notice you forgot to mention you took a turn in front of the camera too!) on set!!

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