Choosing Happiness

Is harder than it appears.  I’ve been bombarded lately with negative feelings.   You know those days when you just want to find that one bright spot?  I think at my root I am a happy, kind and grateful person, but I’m also sensitive and empathatic.  You know that book, The Highly Sensitive Person, it sits on my bookshelf, with The Highly Sensitive Child right next to it because after all these are my children.

Oh and I’ve decided to start using my children’s real names on the blog.  Will I regret it, maybe?  Not sure.  Just so you know, if you don’t know already, Emily is the blonde, Karelyn (cuh-rel-in) is the redhead.

Sometimes I think the book I really need though would be titled “How To Stay Happy and Kind In a World of Miserable Selfish People”.   I’m really aggravated with people these days and most days I think there may be just about no one in my general area who holds the same viewpoints or has the same set of principles I have.  I think I might fall over in gratitude if I ran into someone about town who felt the same way about music, food, love, life and generosity.

It did happen today though.  I was at the grocery store.  I had just finished my shopping.   I was putting my cart away and saw a familiar Subaru with a “Choose Civility” sticker on the back.  Smile.  It was my Mom’s.

I went back inside and found her, talked for a few minutes.

I have a family that understands.  I have a real good friend.  I have you, and you and you.

I have decided to let the rest of the world keep their  misery and put up a barrier.  I am going to quit reading the newspaper again.  I am going to go back to soaking up beautiful photos, beautiful words, beautiful song.

That’s the stuff I need to soak in and then I’m going to let it emanate and see maybe if some of it spreads around.



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13 responses to “Choosing Happiness

  1. I rarely comment here. But can I just say that your blog gives me The Happy. So, thank you for that.X

  2. I had the news on for like 5 minutes last night and had to turn it off. I read the newspaper at the car dealership last week and got really ticked off reading about a drunk driver killing two kids. So mad that I later dumped two bottles of wine down the drain. I didn’t want any association with drinking in my life!

    I think though the worse negativity though is towards self. Never talk bad about yourself. I’m working on this everyday. You are extraordinary – never forget that!!

  3. You know that saying “don’t let the bastards get you down”. It’s true. I refuse to let anyone ruin my day, mood, celebrations, etc. You know, I read a book about George Harrison a long, long time ago and it said that he had a Ghandi quote engraved on a rock in one of this gardens that said “Create and preserve the image of your choice”. That stuck with me all these years later. So that’s what I try to do. You can’t mess with my image(s). You can’t screw with my choices. So there, lol.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh my, do I hear you! I’ve had times where I just felt like there was no one else like me in the entire world, that I would never find my “tribe.” Never find anyone who truly got me and what I felt was important.

    Finally, I just decided to try and do something about that and now I have this amazing group of women that I get together with once a month and while we’re different, we’re the same too. Tomorrow’s that get together for June and I can’t express in words how grateful I am and how much I look forward to that.

    I have to quit the news, often. It’s good to be informed, its not so good to worry and stress over that which we can’t control. Keep the faith – you’re awesome!

  5. Mom

    Thanks for this post – I just said to someone here at work yesterday when they were complaining about their lifestyle – “It is what you make it!” Gee, why can’t I remember that all the time myself.
    I was so glad you came back in the grocery store that day you saw my car in the parking lot and tapped me on the shoulder. When I look up and see you it makes me feel happy. Thanks for all the smiles.

  6. Oh, so true. Find the positive. Keep a smile on your face; it will always make people wonder what you’re up to. My mother used to tell me that quite often when I was a young teenager. I should try it again.
    Have a lovely weekend, friend.

  7. I know where you’re coming from. The times they are a-changing. Years ago I heard of the civility spectrum, and have watched the slide, but try to avoid being part of it.

    It goes something like this:

    If we try and keep our interactions at the top end of the scale to complete strangers, loved ones and ourselves, or at least not venture below civility, life will always be successful. I worry that television portrays normality and wonderfulness and humour at the lower end of the spectrum, eg, the news’ focus on crime, and reality television and comedy shows’ focus on rudeness or outright meanness.

    You are making the world a better place by choosing to live above civility. XX

  8. It seems that just about every other week I go on a self-imposed “news blackout.” When I lose sleep over it I know its time to tune out for a bit. I’m glad I’m not the only one to do that. Looking for the beauty in every day helps a lot.

    I love your Mom’s comment above.

    Have a great, hopefully peaceful, weekend.
    ~ Conny

  9. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve stopped getting the paper, & am glad to be without television. Been thinking how grateful I am to not be seeing the images from the Gulf. Hearing about it is hard enough. I too try to encourage & nourish beauty in my life. If we keep our light, it adds a little to the collective. You’re lucky to have a Mom who feels the same.

  10. Haven’t been here in awhile. Was immediately drawn to the title and flower.

    I so understand! Learning to move forward with what’s important/meaning for me and what I want to surround myself/my family with.

    Nice to know that there are others out there…here, too! 😀

  11. Wonderfully said. I smiled all the way through.

  12. Well said! Ditto all the above!! 🙂

  13. blueskyhi

    I’ve been experiencing so much negativity around me too, but thankfully we’v got two weeks of school next week and I can finally wrap my family and I back up with happy family time again.

    I hope you are rediscovering the joy of life filled with simplicity again.

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