“Begin their own family trees, teach them thank you and please
As they spread their own roots then watch the young fruit grow again
And this old trail will lead me right back to where it begins”.

-Jack Johnson

Was home again this weekend.  So was my brother and his girlfriend.  They drove almost three hours to spend another few hours before driving it right back again, with no air conditioning.  I am lucky to be so much closer.  For me I am lucky that home is always, right there.  And with us there, it is just like old times, only we are much bigger and the next generation is there, the smaller ones.  My Mom makes the same foods, but now we drink wine and beer.  Now we have jobs, lives, families apart from this place but when we are there I am sure it feels less like  an empty nest.



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4 responses to “Home

  1. love it…isn’t it so weird to be a grown up? my brother and I still act like immature goofs!

  2. Mom

    I try not to leave messages on your blog too often, but I just had to leave another one. I am so delighted with all my children and what you are all doing, but I have been missing all the chatter and cameraderie. Whenever I have a chance to have any or all of you home, I must admit it fills me up and keeps me going until the next time it happens. I hope there is a next time right up until you all gather for my wake, which I fervently hope will be another gathering of chattering, laughter and cameraderie among my children and their children of which I will still be very much a part. (however, I hope to be here in body as well as spirit for a long time to come)

    • love the photo!

      it’s always good to visit home. funny how things change but yet stay the same. i’m glad you had some time with your family!

  3. Love that poem! Beautiful sentiments.

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