Grocery Revelations

I haven’t posted about food for awhile.  The girls are away at the beach this week with the other side of the family so I was shopping for myself this week.  Picked up most of my produce and eggs at the farmstand this weekend from our Amish neighbors, but I made the trip to the grocery tonight after work.

So here are 10 random thoughts from the store today:

1.  It’s 100 degrees and the air conditioning was broken at work today, do you think I didn’t indulge in an iced espresso?  Really?

2.  I like asparagus.  Just the tops, sauteed or roasted.  Previously a “gag me” food.

3.  The bundle of of organic carrots with the greens on top, good for me, good for the rabbit.  We both win.

4. Potatoes are now on the dirty dozen list.  Spend the extra money.

5. They are no longer carrying my favorite Yogi cereal.  Boo hoo.

6.  Wish I had more time to actually make my cereal, oatmeal and muffins from scratch.  Perhaps can organize time better to accomodate this.

7. Don’t have to buy milk because A.  Kids aren’t home and I only use it in my tea and B. our local farm is now selling milk in reusable glass bottles, YES!

8.  I will stand in front of the cheese counter for 15 minutes, debating whether it’s worth spending $6.00 on imported Kerrygold cheese, when I have $8.00 worth of Gruyere in my cart.  (I decided no).

9. I will, on a whim, buy Burts Bees shampoo and wash from the baby section because it is kind to my sensitive skin and the smell of it reminds me of when the girls were babies.

10. It was nice to be back in my regular store where everything is nice and familiar and caters to my snobby eating style rather than in the discount grocery I stopped at this weekend, where I saw people with no shoes on and heard in the course of ten minutes the phrases, “I ain’t seen it anywhere” and “I need to get some puddin”.

So last revelation and I freely admit it.  I am a food snob.



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3 responses to “Grocery Revelations

  1. you had me at iced espresso.

  2. i’m with you. i’m a food snob and i don’t mind admitting it. i like the bells and whistles at my regular grocery.

  3. I am a food snob too. I feel blessed that I can buy all the healthy, good, yummy food that I do.


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