When I posted that photo yesterday for Wordless Wednesday it made me realize how very much my girls have grown.  Just take a look here:

Now jump down.  Yikes!  Is it possible that time has flown so fast.

Usually, I’m complaining about shoes strewn across the floor.  About countertops and tables piled with rocks and feathers, and erasers, and lip gloss and goodness knows what else. Usually, I’m thinking, please, please just a little bit of quiet.

There are no shoes at the door.  The countertop and kitchen table have stayed clean all week.  It’s been very, very quiet.

Too quiet.  I miss the little buggers.  The house just doesn’t seem the same without them.  No one careening around the downstairs a hundred miles an hour.  No one pushing themselves onto my lap as I sit at the computer.  No one to kiss goodnight and pull the covers up tight.

The thing about single parenthood is that it’s just you.  Everyday, just you dealing with it all.  The other side is that when they are gone, it’s just you and that’s a whole different feeling.  Goodness, I need to remember how much I am blessed.

I’m quite sure it won’t last.  By this time next week, I’ll be whispering to myself again, please, please just a little bit of quiet.



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5 responses to “Girls.

  1. They are beautiful!
    It’s definitely nice for the peace & quiet (spoken by one who would LOVE some right about now) but so understand the quiet & stillness.
    Enjoy your time & count your blessings!! 😀

  2. underthebigbluesky


    i knew you would. 😉

  3. i’m w/denise…i so get this. lawman and i find ourselves at home alone alot. some days it’s fine, other days, not. i tell him i know this is preparation for the beginning of empty nest syndrome which we’ll be dealing with in a year. sometimes i’m not ready to go there just yet.

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