a little bit of kindness…

I was going to do a formatted post today.  But this is more important, this other thing I am doing.

My second blog site is heading for a start date of September 1st.  Working through design stages now and feeling out first posts and challenges.  I’ve been setting up a new email account, new folders, new files, a new twitter account.  So if you see me and don’t know me it will be under bitsofkindness.  (i haven’t been able to integrate everyone from the old twitter account to the new one, so if i haven’t found you yet, please follow me so i can return the favor).

little bits of kindness.  I know I’ve been hinting around it for awhile.  No link yet, but it’s almost here. It’s been my day and night obsession for the last few months.  It’s a little like when you find home.

You know what I found at home when I finally found it.  A whole lot of other fantastic folks and places and that is a HUGE understatement.  I never, ever dreamed there were so many people out there doing good things.

A lot of it is waiting for the new blog.  But this one I  knew I had to immediately post about since I saw what a huge impact it had.

Last week I joined a group called LOVE BOMB.  The sole purpose of Love Bomb is to once a week drop comments on the blog of someone who is in need of it.  It takes five minutes a week.  That is it.

I know you. I know your good heartedness.  I know your giving natures.  I know you can do it too.

Because let me tell you.  The first love bomb mission I took part in was to hit up a young, gifted writer who just happens to be suffering from anorexia.  She writes with beauty, with honesty and with pain and anger and tenderness.

I got the email at work.  I went over.  I read her words.  I commented. And then I went back today and read her new post after she went through over 350 positive and supportive comments on her blog and lost it completely.

This is what is is about people.

holy hell.

(forgive that , i know it makes no sense, but it’s my favorite expression).

Look at what we can do with this world.



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6 responses to “a little bit of kindness…

  1. you are fabulous.

    – lauren xoxo

  2. I don’t know who you are, and I’m not even going to look. But thank you for bringing a joyful tear to my eye today. Look at what we can do with this world, indeed.

  3. I signed up for love bomb…that is amazing.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve got going on…good things I’m sure…HURRY UP!! lol!


  4. how cool. love it. and i also love your fave expression…holy hell. i just may have to use that.

  5. Amy

    Good luck with your new endeavor. Can’t wait to see it.

    BTW, Holy Hell is one of my faves too…

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