Today I needed a reminder to love summer.  Hot, sticky, humidity, had to have been in the 100’s today.  The air conditioner is working it’s behind off to keep us at near 80.  Energy consumption is up and just plain energy is down.

This morning I woke and saw a flurry of butterflies dancing high in the mimosa tree.  It was a needed nudge.  A reminder that each season must come and go.  That this may not be my time.  Perhaps it is the butterflies time.  They are everywhere, dancing, feeding.  So have your time butterflies.  Enjoy the dance while it lasts.  I will let you enjoy and I will hide out here at the computer and work with photos until I’ve lost track of all time.


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2 responses to “Summer

  1. You, too, huh?

    Heat seems to make me cranky and sucks out all my energy. I lay around under an air conditioner AND a fan.

    Thanks for the reminder. It is someone’s/something’s time. Will try waiting a bit more patiently for mine! 😀

  2. heat and humidity can suck the fun out of summer.

    my reminder to enjoy the (summer) moment this weekend was the locust shells on the neighbor’s trees i saw as i was walking across their yard. i used to hunt for those things as a kid.

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