Just Now 8.2.10

current time: 8:19 p.m.

in my mug: my favorite tea with milk and honey

in my belly: blt’s with more fresh tomatoes.

in my ears: “Life & Death” by Michael Giacchino from LOST, beautiful.

in the fridge: freshly plucked carrots from my sister’s garden.

on the nightstand: my alarm clock, with a beaten snooze alarm.

on the editor: trees, lots of trees.

last watched: the video clip above, gave me a good feeling.

feeling good about:  the abundance of people i’ve been finding doing good things online.

feeling bummed about: my seemingly crazy hormones.

last thing that made me laugh: our dastardly discussion on how we could rig the drawing for the grill we just gave away at work. (we didn’t).


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One response to “Just Now 8.2.10

  1. I loved the video. And I too love being reminded just how much good is being done around the world. Sometimes I can forget that. Have a wonderful vacation!

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