Away We Go…

Thanks to my step-father for the photo of Nova Scotia waiting for us.

It’s time now.  For vacation.  Work is done.  Ten days until I will be back.  The bags are almost packed.  The refrigerator holds nothing but veggies for the rabbit.  I have the passports and six books to try to read.  I will still sweep the floors.  Kiss the dog and cat goodbye.  Hugs to the neighbors (ie: the grandparents).  The house here will be quiet.  Be without our usual presence.  No little girl footsteps running around.  No music in the background. No laughing or arguing.  We are taking our energy northward.

I’ve emailed friends.  Sorted the mail.  Given the last approvals for the new blog.  I wonder how I will do without this computer for over a week.

Enjoy your summer days friends.  They are going so fast.

As always stay healthy, stay grateful, and feel loved.

See you on the other side of rest.



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4 responses to “Away We Go…

  1. I hope you have a fantastic time away. Love your last words – healthy, grateful and loved. Isn’t that what matters most!

  2. have a great trip! enjoy, relax and come back feeling refreshed. i’ll be waiting to hear about your adventure.

  3. Wishing you a lovely trip, full of all you love, and time to relax and read. Yes, please share your adventures with us when you return!

  4. True ~ summer days are getting shorter, fleetingly fast. Fill up on summer evenings and visiting with family. No computer time gives your fingers a rest too. :>) Cheers ~

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