Just Now 8.17.10

current time: 12:25  a.m. (yeah, i know)

in my mug:  tea, what else?

in my belly: spinach, sausage, mozzerella, basil bread braid.

in my ears: “Opportunity” by Pete Murray, because I need it tonight.

in the fridge: food, finally.  when we left for vacation there was only, feta cheese, pepperoni, two eggs and veggies for the rabbit.

on the nightstand: two heart rocks Karelyn found on the beach, a handful of Canadian change and “The Collected Works of Kahlil Gibran”

on the editor: hundreds of vacation photos.

last watched: this, a few times.  can anyone else not get used to him with hair? watching this makes me happy.

feeling good about: a needed pick-me-up from a friend tonight.

feeling bummed about: leaving Nova Scotia.

last thing that made me laugh: listening to the girls in the back of the car in Massachusetts, repeating “my belly is so big (fill in response) lock dat in”, in a pseudo South African accent for close to an hour.  **yes, it makes no sense but it was hilarious.



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5 responses to “Just Now 8.17.10

  1. i’m glad you are back and you had a good time.

  2. I love laughing at things that make no sense for hours! One of life’s simple pleasures…

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation…missed you.

  3. Conny

    Sometimes the non-sensical songs are the best ~ they really stick with you. : ) We make them up all the time, my son and I.

    Glad you had a great vacation – and yes, there is such thing as a vacation hangover. Same here.

    Good to have you back in town. : )

  4. the nonsensical things my kids say/do make me laugh too. glad to have you back 😉

  5. Kim

    I am your new music groupie. I love this song, TOO.

    And your girls sound like so much fun. I wish I had been there! I can hear the accent and the giggles.

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