This is Emily on Wednesday.  First day of school.  First day of fourth grade.  She is steady on her way to the age of double digits.  Last week I decided to stop picking out her clothes for her.  I would like to say this was a brilliant, forward-thinking decision on my part, but the absolute truth is she kept ignoring what I laid out for her and putting  her own outfits together.   Usually these involve bright colors, a hat or sequins hairbands wrapped around her ankles.  As long as she is staying within the bounds of decency I am going to let her go with it.

Because look at that stance  up there.

I am a fourth-grader.

I now go upstairs at school.

I am wearing a scarf as a belt.

I have ONE braid.

I want her to stay this way forever.  Confident in herself.  Proud of who she is.  We are coming up to some hard years for girls. I want her to stand tall.  I want her to laugh her way through.   Dance to her own beat.  Play her own song.  Make up her own rules.  I don’t want her to feel she has to conform.  I want to know that if someone tried to make her feel bad about herself, she will feel sorry that they don’t have the privilege of knowing her.

I read this article in The New York Times about this woman and the work she is doing.  I wanted to know more.  So I’ve been checking out her website.  In all that down time I have.

I think CONFIDENCE could be the greatest gift we could give our daughters.



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10 responses to “Confidence

  1. That’s great!
    I can so see it in her stance…in what she’s wearing!
    Good for you!!
    I’ve been practicing this habit with mine who are just 5 and 7.5. I love to see just how they put things together, what makes them happy, what they like about themselves.
    I will check out the links as well. Read a really good back a few years ago (plan to reread it soon) entitled: Growing A Girl (don’t remember the author’s name at this moment). Would definite recommend it.

  2. it seems like I have seen that shirt somewhere – Target? she is totally rocking it. and yep, confidence is a good thing for our girls to have.

  3. This made me cry…what a GIFT you are giving your daughter in allowing her to be HERSELF and not a mini you. Good job, J…she will remember this…xoxo

    And by the way…she looks great! I love the scarf as a belt and I am cracking up about sequined headbands as ankel bracelets! That is creative and artistic…LOVE it!

  4. Yup D- it’s Target. Love Target.

    Leslie-will definitely look up that book up

    Michelle- xoxo right back!

  5. lauriel8

    Good job! She looks beautiful there… strong and sure. Looks and sounds to me like you’re a pretty awesome Mom.

  6. she is her own girl and that is such a fantastic thing. you are right that you are soon to be navigating the treacherous waters of tween/teen girlhood. i was so glad when we finished the jr high phase in may. onward and upward.

  7. First words that came to my mind were.. rock on!
    I love that she is dancing to her own tune.

  8. mama.. you are one awesome lady.

  9. Kim

    I’m going to Target. I’m going to buy that t-shirt and a big box of confidence.

  10. I cried a little bit, reading this. I think of my younger self, my grade school self, as this little person who started out so confident, but slowly lost it, and it makes me sad…like I wish I could tell my little kid self to keep that chin up, ignore those comments, believe in myself. I agree–I think confidence is the best gift we could give to our daughters! I loved this post. I don’t have any children (yet?), but if I do, I’m going to encourage them to wear that cute scarf, to do their hair the way they want, to pick up drawing or painting.

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