She whispered in my ear, “I will never hate you”.

I whispered back.  “There will be times you will hate me, but I will still always love you and then there will be at time you will not hate me anymore”.

She said, “Well, I will never leave you.  I will never run away”.

I wish we could keep that certainty.



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7 responses to “Never

  1. beautiful and so very true. i remember packing my bags a time or two threatening to run away!

  2. awww! How very sweet! So great that you documented this great convo.

  3. nice!

    i let mine know that “you’ll leave me before i leave you.”

  4. how sweet. hold onto that. always.

  5. you are tugging at my heart… 🙂
    man! i love it here…

  6. goodness. this makes me tear up! what a sweetheart. thank you for sharing this special moment.

  7. Kim

    It’s always good to tuck that ‘mom’ sentiment into your heart, like a warm message, while you’re out and running wild, like a hippie, boho banshee.

    You are so lucky. So very lucky. What beauties you have. I’m tearing up, too.

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