So, big things going on.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by Little Bits of Kindness and left a kind word.  I am very excited about it and equally excited about the way the design turned out.  I have to shout HUGE thanks to Erin at Edub Designs for the fantastic logo she created and the equally gorgeous design she did for the blog.  I knew what I wanted but didn’t have the technical capability to create it and she stepped in and did it for me, putting up with my well, can we mix this with that and  my frantic, “Help, this isn’t working for me”, emails, as I got used to blogging on Blogger again. What a dear to work with.

I have so many ideas to pitch off that blog and I have to stop myself from racing 12,000 steps ahead and trying to do it all at once because we all know that just doesn’t work.  I also considered redoing this blog, changing up the design to highlight the photos more, but in the end, I love it here.  This is my home and quite literally, this IS my home in print form.  So I’ve left it be.  It’s not flashy or stylish or cutting edge, but then neither am I, so it stays the way it is.

The second exciting bit is that I enrolled myself and started Mondo Beyondo this month.  If you don’t know about Mondo Beyondo than you can read about it here.  Basically it is about taking your dreams and writing them down and seeing where the universe takes you no matter how crazy and far out those dreams are.  It’s funny because one of my dreams over the last few years has been to sit in on Mondo Beyondo and from what I’ve seen these last few days it’s going to be a very inspiring five weeks.  I don’t think the mornings could be any better outside of Jen Lemen herself waking me up with a cup of tea and a note each day. Visit her, she’s so inspiring….

I don’t think I’ve written this much in ages and I have so much I want to say, but I’ll end it here for now.  I feel I’ve been a bit all over the place lately.  Comes with the territory I suppose.

P.S.  I may be making the rounds with the new blog a bit, so if you see a comment come up under littlebitsofkindness, know it’s just me!


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