Just Now 9.2.10

current time: 9:11 p.m.

on my mind:  jumping back into the 100 things challenge.

in my belly: onion, swiss, asparagus quiche

in my ears: “Runaway Car” by Mat Kearney

in the fridge: almost nothing, make the rounds tomorrow.

on the editor: a photo of  a key.

last watched: “Down In The Valley”, what can I say, single gal loves Edward Norton.

feeling good about:  a three day weekend.

feeling bummed about: the amount of work I have to do around the house this weekend.

last thing that made me laugh: not buying milk from the local dairy this past weekend and having Karelyn tell me that the milk I gave her from the grocery tastes “stale”.

made me pause: having to list today two people i admire, and what i admire about them.



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5 responses to “Just Now 9.2.10

  1. my fridge must look like yours…empty! i keep telling the fam that i’ll resupply on monday as we are out of town sat/sun. if only they can just hold out. enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Edward Norton has always been a favorite of mine, too…;)

  3. i love the 100 things concept. thanks for sharing a bit about mondo beyondo too!

  4. I am so excited to get to know you better : ) VERY happy we are in Mondo Beyondo together right now.


  5. This such a marvelous idea. Snapshot into both the interesting and the ordinary going on right, right now.

    And, like Monica above me, I’m also looking forward to “meeting” more of you in our Mondo Beyondo class!

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