my oldest daughter believes if you get up early enough in the morning just before the sun comes up you can hear the rocks singing.

my youngest believes that it rains every night after we go to bed and that is the reason the ground is wet with dew.  as if mother nature replenishes herself overnight.

i just want to believe that there is magic and wonder in the world again, just as they do.



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7 responses to “belief

  1. nice! especially rocks singing.

  2. love those images and the imaginative wonder. i believe those things wholeheartedly.

    when i was a teenager i took a little neighbor girl (age 6) blueberry picking and told her that the fairies painted the silvery coating on to the berries every morning. she laughed in my face and told me i was cuckoo.

    i guess i still am….. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it wonderful, the things that the young (brilliant) mind considers? The hope is that your girls keep this kind of thinking and dreaming as they get older…especially during the teen years.

    I won’t be able to look at a pile of rocks the same way. And that’s a great thing!

  4. ….. agreed! That is where the joy of the every day resides : )

  5. yes!

    and those photos are breathtaking. love them all.

  6. i love the “rocks singing.” makes me smile.

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