Just Now: 9.9.10

current time: 5:08 p.m.

on my mind: memories of long ago.

in my belly:  banana smeared with peanut butter and chocolate chips, my daughter made for me.

in my ears:  “I Prefer” Barefoot Truth, in preparation for making my Mondo Beyondo list tonight.  I recommend it, of course.

in the fridge: blue cheese, mushrooms and dijon to make amazing burgers this weekend.

on the editor:  more vacation shots, and more vacation shots, and more vacation shots etc, etc, etc.

last watched: “25th Hour”, did I mention that thing I have for Edward Norton? maybe once?

on the nightstand:  redone, a lamp, my alarm clock, my ipod, a clam shell from vacation with  a small soapstone heart from India inside, all resting on the beautiful linen Sarah sent me last year.  the lamplight is beautiful for the night time.

feeling good about: twitter poetry.  seriously, do you know there are poets on twitter?

feeling bummed about: not much of anything right now, okay maybe dog hair balls all over my floor.

last thing that made me laugh: Karelyn telling me she couldn’t eat her breakfast because her fork tasted like quiche, to which I replied, well, you ARE eating eggs,  to which she asked for another fork, to which i gave her, to which she said, hold on i need to taste it first……….

made me pause: the fog on the field first thing this morning, with the cattle and the buffalo blurred in the background, inspiring.


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3 responses to “Just Now: 9.9.10

  1. your banana actually sounds good.

  2. Kim

    Riding along in our old red truck. Mazys in the backseat and the sun is going down. Wish I could hear this song cause I know I’d love it. Still saying lock dat in. K makes me laugh too. Oh it’s good to b a girl.

  3. how were the burgers? the ingredients sound yummy.

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